Classification: 0087384038-K8 : "The Flash lighters?"

:uncontainable item_ :connected_to a curtain event.

Object Class: Uncontainable "Unknown anomaly connected to a curtain event".

:object_belongs to the ???, connected to a curtain dangerous event called "The Sun Vanished"-

Special Containment Procedures: At this time: Lock all doors and windows inside your house or home. Turn off all light-emitting devices. Do not light any fires or attempt to use a flashlight. Gather supplies, and prepare for extreme shifts in temperature. Lock all doors and windows inside your home. Do NOT drink ANY water from a tap or faucet. Leave all animals outside. If any animals go missing do NOT attempt to search for them. Barricade all your entrances to your home. Do not attempt to interact with anyone or anything inside or outside of your house or home. If you see any strobing light coming from outside or inside of your home be completely still. DO NOT LOOK INTO THE LIGHT, do not let them in, most importantly… Remain calm.

Description: 0087384038-K8 : "The Flash lighters?" is a unknown anomalous entity that is connected to a curtain scenario called "The Sun Vanished" this item or "Thing" belongs to the ???. When this scenario called "The Sun Vanished" when activated the sun will vanish. The temperature will slowly drop in the next few days. However at night curtain anomalous entities will show up as the temperature drops at night. These unknown anomalous entities in this event are described as "Flashlighters" they only appear at night, if seen viewers that see this object will start to see flashlights randomly appearing off and on outside there home. The viewer will notice that all stars in the sky and the sun is missing. The temperature will drop to 15 - or less and when seeing the entity you will be controlled by the entity and at this point you will be effected and turn into one of them. Further information classified.

"Item belongs to the ???".