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Diagram representing SCP-3316 with no SCP-3316-1 visible.

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Item #: SCP-3316

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-3316 is stored in a locked secure containment vault in Site ██. Access to the vault is only by authorization of Site Director and Project Lead or O5- Level. Research is to be authorised and personally overseen (remotely) by the Site Director. Use of SCP-3316 for non-authorised testing will result in termination regardless of level or purpose of experimentation.

Previous containment procedures were withdrawn and replaced following a breach event. Previous containment procedures have been redacted by order of O5- Council.

SCP-3316 is to be stored alongside a number of Chinese Checker boards, in order to obfuscate the identify of the actual SCP-3316 item. There are currently 59 storage crates inside SCP-3316's vault, each containing between 15 and 35 Chinese Checker boards. The 59th crate is partially filled. New crates are to be requisitioned when any researcher assigned to SCP-3316 finds the most recently delivered crate is full, new crates are then to be placed into the containment vault, and then filled as items arrive.

Only the Site Director hosting SCP-3316 and the O5- Council are to have access to the specific identifying features of SCP-3316.

When needed for research, the Site Director is to activate a robotic arm mounted in the ceiling of the vault on an omnidirectional track which will then locate SCP-3316. The arm will then pick up SCP-3316 and deposit it into a custom made wooden vessel which it will then seal and deliver to the vault door. The vault door will then be opened by the Project Lead and SCP-3316's vessel removed.

The wooden vessel housing SCP-3316 is such that only the face of SCP-3316 containing the individual pieces and playing area are visible/contactable by testing personnel, all other features including the specific size and shape, the presence or absence of indents, scratches, markings, writing, runes, discolouration, decoration and Foundation identification tags are not visible.

The vault may be accessed with Site Directors authorization, although this function exists primarily for the below purpose:

Staff members are invited to give any Chinese Checkers boards to members of the SCP-3316 research team, who will then deposit these boards in SCP-3316's storage vault.


The pieces associated with the board are specific to SCP-3316 and are designated SCP-3316-1. If SCP-3316-1 are misplaced or deliberately separated from SCP-3316 by more than 1 metre they will return to the board when both are unobserved. SCP-3316-1 appear to be impervious to damage of all kinds and resemble marbles of various colours. The colours appear to bear no signficance to SCP-3316's active effect and are interchangeable.

Attempted use of SCP-3316's board with other pieces has no effect and vice versa.

When a living, conscious human being voluntarily places the pieces onto the board in specific patterns SCP-3316 will enter its active state. "Voluntary" in this context rules out mechanical manipulation, which will prevent SCP-3316 from entering its' active state, whereas coercion will not.

When in its active state, specific pattern changes will alter specific traits or aspects of the personality/cognition of the person interacting with it (the subject). This effect can range from minor perceptual changes such as the ability to react to events faster than individual baselines, through to catatonia and instant death. (determined to be brain haemmorage in 78% of cases and unknown cause in 22% of cases).

Standard operation procedure for SCP-3316 is for the subject to place a piece of a color of their choosing into the central hole (subsequently designated the central piece), and then drop a piece of the same colour onto the board. This will land in a specific location, along one of three axes, indicating the trait relevant for the active state. If the trait is not the trait desired for modification, both pieces can be removed without consequence. A different peice is chosen and the process repeated until the desired axis is achieved. When the desired axis is achieved, the piece which has fallen may be picked up and placed elsewhere along the axis for this active state, altering the trait of the subject instantaneously.

Placing the piece along another axis, or removing from the board ends the active state. Picking the piece up and placing it back down where it fell elicits no change and does not end the active state. Removing the centre piece at any point ends the active state.

As above the colors are interchangeable and bear no relevance to the process, the axis along which the second SCP-3316-1 piece falls determine the trait, not piece colour. During a single active state, the pieces of one colour can represent multiple sequential traits, in other active states each piece will fall only along a specific axis, the significance of this is unknown.

Each of the axes represents a particular trait, with the opposing points across the board representing the "maximum" and "minimum" of this trait. The traits work as a scale - modifications can be made along an axis reaching from one point to the opposite point on the board.


Diagram indicating SCP-3316 axes.

Extensive testing has concluded that the axes are assigned as follows:
Top/Bottom : Problem Solving Skills : Blue
Top Right and Bottom Left : Perceptiveness : Green
Bottom right and Top Left : Suggestibility : Orange

For all traits, the upper portion of the board represents the most or increased levels of a trait, the lower portion represents the least or decreased levels of a trait. The areas to either side of an axis line further modify the trait. See testing logs for currently understood mechanics.

All changes effected by SCP-3316 are semi-permanent; they do not degrade over time, however, these can change by normal processes to the extent that the course of a human life can alter these traits. For example, a subject set to higher levels of suggestibility can "unlearn" this vulnerability through repeatedly being tricked, duped or manipulated, in the same way that normal human suggestibility can be unlearnt, though this process takes several months of intensive "training".

If this subject uses SCP-3316 again, he or she will find that the piece will no longer fall onto the position it was placed in, it will now fall into a position representing their learnt lower level of suggestibility. The piece can be moved again freely, with normal results; the experiences which have elicited a change will not be forgotten, but the subject will now not regard them as signficant and again be as suggestible as before they had taken place.

Some traits are not subject to this effect. Testing suggests traits altered to extremes, or beyond normal human functioning do not degrade through conventional lived experience.

Subjects can have multiple axes altered at a time. This is achieved by making a modification with one active state and then altering a different trait with a different active state.

Pieces can be moved to any position along an axis, from any position along that axis. A subject moving from one end of an axis trait to the other is no more likely to survive the process than a subject moving a single position.

Subjects may naturally have a baseline level of a trait that is between positions on the board. In this instance as SCP-3316 enters its active state, the piece landing to active will land on the "closest" position to that subjects baseline but no modification takes place, even when picked up and placed back down at this location. Moving the piece to another position and back to its' initial position will set the subject's trait to that positions level, not the subject's baseline; the baseline level in this circumstance is considered lost.

During an active state, placing multiple SCP-3316-1 onto the board, or SCP-3316-1 of a different colour will result on the pieces landing outside the area of the board, not on any position. Recordings of this effect indicates that it operates the same as a piece "choosing" it's position; the peice appears to be drawn as though magnetically, or repelled in flight.


Update ███/███/20██

Junior Researcher Andrews was found attempting to test boards stored in the SCP-3316 vault for wooden residue matching the testing vessel under the pretense of depositing further boards, presumably in order to determine which of the boards is SCP-3316.
Containment procedures have been updated to include several duplicate testing vessels made of different varieties of wood, and the robotic arm will spend twenty (20) minutes daily cycling random Chinese Checker Boards in and out of these containment vessels during otherwise idle periods. Following an investigation revealing no links to Groups of Interest and her repeat protestations that she was "black hat testing containment" Junior Researcher Andrews has been issued Class B Amnestics and reassigned.

Update ██/██/20██
Due to research team members' lack of confidentiality regarding the nature of SCP-3316 and general curiosity about the practice of staff members depositing Chinese Checker boards to the research team, it has become a "open secret" that SCP-3316 team members will accept deposited Chinese Checker boards. This has become a form of ritual, superstition, tradition or "initiation" for new staff members to Site ██ to various site staff.

Update ██/██/20██
A full investigation into the information breach leading to the normalization of this practice has been initiated by order of Dr Gimbaali.

Update ██/██/20██
The investigation regarding containment prodecure and information breach has concluded that no information regarding the specific functional nature of SCP-3316 or containment procedure is known by general staff, and therefore no specific security breach has taken place other than general knowledge of the practice of donating Chinese Checker boards. The number of Chinese Checker boards having been deposited is regarded to be beneficial for containment, and these practices will not actively be discouraged. Research Team members responsible for this breach were reprimanded.

Bulletin To All Site ██ Staff Dated ██/██/20██
From: Site Director Stupak

I have been made aware that the donation of Chinese Checker boards to the SCP-3316 Research Team staff has become associated with superstitious rumors. We do not discourage the practice of donation; for reasons which are not being disclosed such boards are appreciated and considered useful.

What is unappreciated is the persistent rumors surrounding this practice. These include:

  • Donation of a Chinese Checker board (CCB) improves your chances of promotion.
  • Donation of a CCB will earn you a "Get out of jail free card" to avoid demotion.
  • Site ██ is reselling the boards for profit to offset the costs of Site ██ operation.
  • Site ██ is incinerating the boards to generate electricity.
  • Donating more boards than anyone else has will earn you a promotion/inclusion on the SCP-3316 research team.
  • Donating CCB's to the SCP-3316 research team is in some way a "loyalty test" for Foundation personnel. You do not risk demotion, transfer or any other consequence by not donating a CCB.
  • SCP-3316 is a project which transmutes CCB's into D-Class personnel.
  • Site ██ is using the donated CCB's in production of canteen food. Persistance of this rumor is offensive to canteen staff and will not be tolerated.
  • The SCP-3316 project is a test of the gullibility of Site ██ staff and/or social experiment.
  • The Foundation has captured and contained "God" and learnt that the only way to distract this entity from destroying Site ██ in order to escape is to engage it in an ever increasing number of games of Chinese Checkers.
  • The SCP-3316 Research Team has lost an anomalous CCB and are attempting to leverage this mythos to re-locate it.

These rumors are untrue, unhelpful, inconsiderate and ridiculous. Donation of a Chinese Checker board to the SCP-3316 Research team is voluntary and helpful to the Site but does not confer any benefit on donating staff nor does failure to donate incur any penalties.

As of the date of this Bulletin any attempts to submit further Chinese Checker boards with imbedded RFID tags, GPS units, radio beacons, radioactive tracking markers and/or recording/transmission devices will be treated as attempted containment breaches. All such boards have been destroyed. We understand that we enjoy the benefits that come from having some of the most intelligent and inquisitive minds available to mankind but this is not a game, test or passtime and treating it as such is unacceptable. Take up knitting or write some fiction or something.

-Site Director Stupak