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Illustration of SCP-xxxx

Item #: SCP-xxxx
Object Class: Safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be held within standard canine containment furnished with a single dog bed along with various play objects. The walls are to be lined with aluminum. The body of SCP-xxxx is unable to sustain food or water, so it is not to be provided.

At all times, SCP-xxxx's eyes are to be covered with hollow half-circle implants made of cast iron coated in a strong rubber, which are to be cleansed daily, using a non-toxic cleaning solution. Implants are to be replaced if they become noticeably damaged, or exceed two (2) months of age. When replacing implants personnel are instructed to focus between the eyes of SCP-xxxx to avoid direct eye contact. Implants do not appear to inhibit SCP-xxxx's sight.

Description:SCP-xxxx is a translucent dog of the german shepherd breed. SCP-xxxx's skin and flesh are of a similar consistency to that of jello, through which Organ structures can be seen. Bones and muscles, however, are nonexistent. As of now, it is unknown how SCP-xxxx can keep its shape without the needed structures to do so. A faded blue collar can be seen around the neck of SCP-xxxx which reads “never alone”.

SCP-xxxx has a body temperature which is dependent on it's external temperature and continuisly emits 4,500 millirems of non-ionising radiation causing low risk to personal unless subjected to prolonged exposure.

SCP-xxxx does not appear on camera, attempts to photograph it has resulted in a black photo with the words “alone” written in red.

SCP-xxxx will follow whoever forms a bond with it, even breaking containment through unknown means to be with them. However, if SCP-xxxx is ignored the bond is broken.

Those who have looked into the eyes of SCP-xxxx have immediately ceased life function. An autopsy confirms that this was due to heart failure. SCP-xxxx after eye contact is broken will show signs of extreme aggressive behavior, and will immediately attempt to terminate those around it.SCP-xxxx will return to its docile state once those around it have either been terminated or escaped.

Left alone SCP-xxxx will pace back and forth unless interrupted, and will occasionally lay on its bed with it's provided toy. SCP-xxxx does not appear to need sleep.

SCP-xxxx was aquired on 01/05/19█ in the state of Indiana tied to a tree. Beyond this it's origin is unknown.

Incident Report

Agent ███ had unintentionally formed a bond with SCP-xxxx and failed to ignore the entity. This caused SCP-xxxx to present a translucent ball of the same consistency as its body to the Agent. The Agent then proceeded to throw the object for SCP-xxxx, for approximately 13 (thirteen) consecutive hours.

After the first five (5) hours, Agent ███ can be heard repeatedly vocalizing the phrase, “I'm sorry I left you, you are no longer alone”.

In the 13th (thirteenth) hour, the Agent's eyes are seen rolling into his head as he terminates. Agent ███'s final words were, “I'm sorry I must leave, you are now alone”. This caused SCP-xxxx to howl and lie on Agent ███ emitting whimpering vocalizations.

Attempts to separate SCP-xxxx from the Agent, have resulted in the deaths of 5 personal.
A class D personnel was dispatched into SCP-xxxx's chamber as a diversion while another class D recovered the Agent's remains which resulted in success. An autopsy confirmed Agent ███ expired due to heart failure.

Once Agent ███ was relocated, SCP-xxxx began to ceaselessly howl. Attempts to cheer it up have failed.

Addendum: A photo taken of SCP-xxxx in its saddened state resulted in the camera used becoming unresponsive while leaking a red liquid, Which when pooled on the floor spelled, “Never again, forever alone”.