Item #: SCP-3945

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3945 is to be contained in a room with 10 foot height and 20 foot width and length. The room is to also have two (2) separate rooms, one with a toilet, sink, and mirror, (this room is to also have the 10 foot height and but only 4 foot width and length). The other room is to be a closet, consisting of 10 tops, 10 under shirts, and 10 different types of leggings. ( Shorts, Pants, etc.)The main room is to be lighted by four (4) fluorescent lights with 2.5 foot height and 1.5 foot width. The main room is to consist of a standard issue Class D bed and a table with a vase of flowers.
NOTE: These flowers were found along with SCP-3945, they were originally believed to be simple roses, but have an odd effect, similar to the effect SCP-3945 has on surrounding humans, but not exactly the same. It seems to prolong/enforce SCP-3945's effect on humans. The flower vase seems to replenish each day, and the roses inside never seem to wither. The roses are commonly referred to as SCP-3945-1. Any flowers given to testers are to be removed from personnel immediately after leaving containment chamber and are to be destroyed sent for further testing.

Special Containment Procedures Cont. SCP-3945 is to have one guard two guards placed outside her cell at all times. Testing is to be done using only class D personnel and agents with special training. Agents that enter the room for non-testing situations, (To place new clothes inside of the closet, or to replace the bedding, are to wear special glasses that distort SCP-3945's voice and distort her face through the lenses as well. Following incident [REDACTED], In which SCP-3945 successfully removed the glasses from Agent [REDACTED], lights are to be immediately shut off and a continuous blare is to sound, thus making SCP-2945 inaudible. All personnel entering SCP-3945's containment chamber are to be checked to not have any weapons on them. Any male class D's that appear to be caught under SCP-3945's "Enchantment," are to continue testing until ordered to be pulled out. Agents caught under the same enchantment are to be pulled out of the containment chamber, unless the head researcher says otherwise.

Description: SCP-3945 is a young Caucasian female, approximately 16 years of age. DNA tests confirm along with SCP-3945 and SCP-053