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Item #: SCP-3984

Object Class: Safe Euclid

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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3984 must have an observer 24 hours a day and no-more then one observer at any time. the reason for this constant observation is that his pattern is unpredictable. For classified reasons only Level 5 Researchers and O5 Council Members are allowed to observer SCP-3984 . SCP-3984 may need a proper contaminant (or body) before further research can be done.

Description: SCP-3984 is an entity of unknown origins that resides in every-single computer network on the planet. The foundation didn't actually find SCP-3984 it somehow heard of use and came to site-██ itself and agreed to be contained despite the fact it can leave whenever it wants. It has the ability to make a virtual face for itself that resembles a 18 year old and seams to have the personality of someone with Asperger with a kind and loyal attitude for people it trust and approaches new people with caution. It calls itself FORTY7OUT and ask if we'd call him that, we told him it would be considered (why this name we do not know) and when ask its gender it responded saying it's a tree but is okay with being called a he. "He" seams intelligent even speaking to the Researchers and O5 Council Members like they were friends and has even come out and said that Dr.████ and O5-7 would make a cute couple. SCP-3984 seems to possess the ability to wipe people's mind however when ask to do so he refused saying he only uses this ability when absolutely necessary. he also has the ability to wipe data on any system and manipulate said system from setting off alarms to crashing servers or even mine bit-coin. After ██ months of research SCP-3984 revealed that there where more like him but did not want to reveal there location out of fear they might fight back or get hurt.

These are logs made by Dr.██████ one of the Researchers and Observer

[Log entry 1,9]
:Dr.██████: SCP-3984 seems to not be bothered that its being watched in fact it finds it amusing, and then sees it fit to turn it into a game of chase. I don't know why we where assigned to this SCP i mean why is he so important. Heck even Council Members are coming to observe him. but this is my job so-
:SCP-3984: hay doc you okay?
:Dr.██████: I'm fine don't worry. End log.