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SCP-3261 illustrated by [DATA REDACTED]

Item #: SCP-3238

Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: [SCP-3238 is to be secured in a containment cell that spans 30m by 10m by 10m, areas of the walls are to have 8cm thick shatter-resistant glass to allow observation, no entrance of any kind is to be built, no access should be given to any person as interaction with SCP-3238 has proven to be useless. The interior of the specialised containment cell is made to reflect the domain of SCP-3238, ████ caves in ██████ ████████, the inside of the cell is to become a self-sufficient ecosystem that indicates the living conditions of SCP-3238, a series of caverns lined in limestone and granite, a grove of trees with a river of fresh water, all with the consistent fauna from SCP-3238’s location of discovery. Any interaction with SCP-3238 is ill-advised, as the majority of the time any interaction is unrecognised, it is so far unknown if SCP-3238 cannot hear or speak in what we know as language and if acknowledged certain actions are taken as hostile and it becomes territorial.]

Description: [SCP-3238 is 2.4 metres tall, its skin dark grey and only shown through the gaps of black mud it covers itself in, the head remains a somewhat mixture of a human and bird skull, no eyes can be seen within the sockets and no ears of any description or form are seen through the mud. The beak or mouth has teeth, all flat and no canines, revealing it’s in some way a forager rather than a hunter, but this seems inconclusive as it’s beak remains sharp enough to cut through meat of any kind. It walks with a constant stoop, every feature it possesses is sharp and protrudes outwards causing the skin to remain taught over its frame, revealing a ribcage of a curious shape and limbs that contain far too many joints to remain in any way human. Its arms hang from the shoulders to the ankles leaving the knuckles and appendages of the hands dragged across the ground, the hands have 3 fingers in total, with an opposable thumb, each finger is worn and have no nails or in this case talons.
The legs have 3 joints in total, the knee, the ankle and one between the two, the feet consist of somewhat raptor-like feet, 2 claws and one loose claw at the ankle.
SCP-3238 was found in The ████ Caves in ██████ Ireland, it showed no alarm when meeting task force members, but once Task Force members entered the opening of the cavern, it became enraged and charged towards them with its long arms outstretched on either side to prevent them from getting past. Once subdued, further exploration revealed a carved out bed in the wall and a series of meats hanging on a rack drying. This being is evolved in such a way that it knows how to dry its meats before eating, hunts for animals and farms for vegetables. While it doesn’t cook it does prepare its food in a less animal-like way.
While in containment before the correct surroundings were built into the cell SCP-3238 refused to eat and whenever a shift change was occurring outside the cell, it would charge at the door, displaying incredible strength,

SCP-3261 seems to have a seer-like effect. It lives simply as a tribal being of some kind; painting and carving series of designs that seem to surround a certain theme. These designs can be made up of spirals of black and white interlocked with figures of humanoid shape and a series of illustrations that are incredibly similar to other SCP’s in containment and numerous that remain unidentified, based on these illustrations is has become apparent that SCP-3261 is in some way omniscience, It has never at any point in its designs to draw itself, During Incident-3261-d12 it was observed painting a figure that resembled itself, halfway through completion it pauses in what is understood as contemplation, it has since left this drawing half-finished.
SCP-3261 has a curious effect on its surroundings, Upon containment, the walls of the cell began expanding and contracting, changing its colour and texture into granite and rock, upon examination the walls, now cave like have not changed their elemental composition they merely appear to have become another surface. The cell was at first a standard cell measuring 5m by 5m, the expanding insides of the cell were different when comparing the outer walls, while the outer walls of the cell remain their original dimensions, once this had been observed correctly SCP-3261 was moved to a larger cell that required less change, once SCP-3261 was removed from the standard cell the interior contracted back to the original size.
In the newly built cell, the interior took 3 hours for SCP-3261’s effect to occur, the interior of the cell now dubbed SCP-3261-B seems to live a somewhat separate existence from SCP-3261 but does meet its needs when required. SCP-3261-B changes based on SCP-3261’s needs and wants, this includes animals and plant-life. Such animals are foreign to anything recorded in nature, they resemble SCP-3261 in skin colour and in various ways their forms are similar. Smooth skin, eyes if they do exist are deep within sockets and covered in shadow. These creatures change their shape with each iteration, it seems SCP-3261-B may be experimenting with shapes. Plant-life in the cell is somewhat like normal fauna found in humid landscapes, SCP-3261 seems to use these for pigments in its paints, whatever vegetation is rarely used, but when used it is observed to be used in a stew.
SCP-3261-B keeps a basic shape of two sections, one a cave-like room, which contains a bed made from the natural materials, a cooking station, and a mortar and pestle. The second half of SCP-3261-B is a clearing of grass, plants, bushes, trees and a river going in a continuous circuit around the clearing, all plant-life seems desaturated when comparing them to natural fauna found in a normal environment. The layout of SCP-3261-b as of ██, ██, ██09 has been sketched and attached to this document, as will a series of sketches and drawings that have made by [DATA REDACTED].
Certain forms of technology appear to become less advanced if they cross the border between the walls of the cell, these do not revert back to their original forms once returned back over the border, this appears to be an effect of SCP-3261-B as when first containing SCP-3261 it came in contact with various forms of advanced technology such as military grade guns and the like, such weapons become swords, bows or spears, each made of a strange type of wood and stone that seems to only come from the site designated SCP-3261-B.
Due to SCP-3261-B’s effect on technology observation through surveillance without malfunctions is unlikely, and as SCP-3261 is quite territorial observation of its paintings that reveal much about a possible future is quite difficult without knocking out SCP-3261, such measures are still being researched, the current method is to create a series of surveillance cameras outside the space in control of SCP-3261-B.]

Addendum: [
- Observation-3261-G71: SCP-3261 has shown extreme territorial responses during attempts to facilitate communication, while it is obviously evolved to what we would consider stone age, it cannot or will not communicate in any way with any researcher. As such communication has proven fruitless observation is advised, Paintings should glean some information as to futures, while there may be more factual forms of telling the future within SCP, it may prove within the company’s interest to interpret SCP-3261’s drawings.
- Observation-3261-k19: SCP-3261 has proved to allow certain individuals who have had prolonged visual contact, this is currently only extended towards [DATA REDACTED] and they are only allowed within the cave as long as SCP-3261 is within reach, such recordings of the paintings can only be taken with an early iteration of a camera, SCP-3261-B has not changed its form. Such photos have shown [DATA REDACTED] and have been classed higher than the current researchers.
- Incident-3261-k43: The harming of SCP-3261 during the incident [DATA REDACTED] has caused SCP-3261-B to cause quakes within the confines of its border, this resulted in the creation of various wolf-like creatures that attacked the MTF officers, this caused the deaths of 3 Taskforce operatives. During this time SCP-3261 was taken outside the confines of SCP-3261-B, this caused a series of quakes which the epicentre was SCP-3261-B.]


SCP-3261 illustrated by [DATA REDACTED]