Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX specimens can only live in pairs. Each pair must inhabit a .5m deep planter bed simulating the area around a rotting log. The planter bed must have a wall surrounding it coated with anti-stick paint. In the events of a containment breach, SCP-XXXX specimens are considered to be a minimum priority for recontainment.

Personnel are not allowed to interact with SCP-XXXX due to unmonitored communication capabilities. If you want to test, ask me first- Dr. Matism


Upon recovery, all instances of SCP-XXXX are in egg form of their life cycle, packaged inside of a vacuum sealed bag labeled: ‘Dr. Wondertainment®’s Telepathy Worms™!’. On the back, the description(Document XXXX-01) reads: Are you far from your friends? Do you miss them? Well, now you can talk to them, wherever you are, no matter the obstacle! With just a thought, you can send instant messages to your friends with the new Telepathy Worm™! If you wish to have a Telepathy Worm™ removed, just contact us at 1-800-███-████ for your free removal kit.

Parental Notice: Use of more than 3 Telepathy Worms™ may result in brain failure. By purchasing this, you forfeit your ability to sue, boycott, honorably duel, or pursue legal actions.'

SCP-XXXX specimens are 5-7cm long black creatures resembling Lumbricus terrestris(nightcrawlers). SCP-XXXX specimens always live in pairs(SCP-XXXX-A and SCP-XXXX-B). When a SCP-XXXX comes into contact with human skin, they will attempt to enter an orifice on the face (preferably the nose) of the person involved (now designated SCP-4841-1). After approximately 5 minutes, the subject will gain the ability to telepathically communicate with the subject containing the other worm in the pair, regardless of distance or obstruction (Excluding use of SCP-148). SCP-XXXX-1's communication with one another seems unaffected by the law of physics that nothing is faster than light, as a subject in deep space instantaneously received the message. SCP-XXXX specimens appear to be immortal, as of 1/29/2019, one has yet to expire from age, the oldest being 39 years old. The only occasions where one perishes is when SCP-XXXX-1 expires for any reason, it is extracted from the SCP-XXXX-1, or is destroyed by brute force.


SCP-XXXX during early containment, dated 18/2/2011

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Orange

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a standard 10 x 3 x 10m humanoid containment cell. The subject is allowed to roam the facility under level 0 clearance and eat in the mess hall, provided the room it is in has no music playing. On no occasion is SCP-XXXX to be allowed to listen to music.

Note: Researchers are not allowed to use SCP-XXXX's properties for financial gain. I'm talking to you, whoever made him sing Royals - Dr. Matism


SCP-XXXX is a male caucasian humanoid of 23 years of age and 1.9m in height. The subject's eye and hair color vary by a currently unknown method, with eye colors observed being hazel, blue, brown, purple, and on one occasion, red1. Its hair has been observed as blonde, brown, and black.

SCP-XXXX's primary anomalous property is the ability to manipulate reality through the means of singing, whistling, or humming the tune of a song2. Experiments have shown that there are currently no limits to this ability. Results have included transforming precipitation into flaming napalm (Set Fire To The Rain by Adele), altering the hardness of skin (Bulletproof by La Roux), inducing mental psychosis on subjects (Psycho by Muse), causing extreme releases of endorphin in nearby persons (Happy by Pharell), reanimating the dead (Bring Me To Life by Evanescence), creating extremely bright light sources similar to stars (Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles), and causing immediate total organ failure of all personnel within a ██m radius (Die MF Die by Dope). The property has been shown to take effect even when not intended or wanted3.

SCP-XXXX was first contained after an anomalously high death count of ███ people in a small town near ████████████, CA. The subject was discovered in it's home rambling and crying about how it killed them. The subject was 15 years old at the time.

Incident Log XXXX-1:

Incident Log XXXX-2:

At approximately 0400 hours, SCP-XXXX began to show considerable signs of distress. At exactly 0439, SCP-XXXX began to sing Disappear by INXS, and vanished from its cell. The subject was placed on a global wanted list and was soon located at the home of its former girlfriend. Subject recontained without issue.

Interview Log XXXX-1:

Interviewer: Dr. Danok Interviewee: SCP-XXXX

Begin Log

Dr. Danok: Log date, █-██-201█. Dr. Danok interviewing SCP-XXXX. Hello SCP-XXXX
SCP-XXXX: Don't call me that, I'm not like the other things you have here.
Dr. Danok: As long as you're contained here, I'm enforced to call you that.
SCP-XXXX: Whatever.
Dr. Danok: Ok, moving on. I'm required to ask you a few questions.
SCP-XXXX: Alright, Shoot.
Dr. Danok: First question; When did you first notice your ability?
SCP-XXXX: Well, as I remember, I was about 13 years old, and I was whistling The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and everyone around me passed out. I called the cops, and they showed up. They told me they'd all passed out from cranial trauma. It scared the shit outta me.
Dr. Danok: [Writing down notes] Did anything happen to you that would seem, odd that may have started all this?
SCP-XXXX: Oh God, I don't know. Nothing unusual ever happened to me until I started showing this power. Ask Cain, he might know something.
Dr. Danok: Speaking of 073, what are your relationships with other SCPs here at Site-17?
SCP-XXXX: Good, actually. Me and Cain get along pretty well. Bes is pretty cool too. Iris though, she gives me the chills. She tries to be friendly, but whatever she is, it ain't friendly.
Dr. Danok: Okay, next question: Do you ever consider escaping?
SCP-XXXX: Nah, man, you guys give me free food and housing. I'm perfectly fine here. Either way, you wouldn't be able to stop me if I did.
Dr. Danok: Well that's unsettling. So, what did you do with your power before we contained you?
SCP-XXXX: [SCP-XXXX begins to shift in its seat. Its eyes begin to turn a dark red] Don't bring that up. Look, I made many mistakes. I killed a lot of people, seduced a lot of people, and did a lot more than that. I was young and stupid. I wanted to be a God.
Dr. Danok: Reality benders tend to shift to stage 4 at some point. You, fortunately, are one of the few who shifted back to stage 3. We know what you did. We've surveyed you for a long time, we just weren't sure about whether it or not was an anomalous location. Now we know. Thank you, XXXX.
SCP-XXXX: Any time Doc.
End Log