Item #: SCP-4182

Object Class: Safe Euclid


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4182 Is freely usable by site-15 personnel is to be locked in a transparent 1m x 1m x 1m box and observed by no fewer than 2 (two) facility guards at one time.

In the case of a relocation event, recontainment is alpha priority in order to minimize civilian casualties. When SCP-4182 is located, a singular plainclothes agent will be sent to retrieve SCP-4182, if the object is in possession of a citizen, the agent will claim SCP-4182 as a recently lost camera and request for it to be returned.

SCP-4182 should never have a memory card of any size inserted into it, any personnel caught attempting to insert one into SCP-4182 may be subjected to disciplinary measures. If one was inserted during a relocation event, it is to be ejected and incinerated. If any picture is taken using SCP-4182, whether it's anomalous effects have manifested or not, it is to be deleted/incinerated immediately.

Description: SCP-4182 appears to be a standard █████ brand camera in the █████████ series. study of the Hardware shows no anomalous properties, anomalous effects only manifest when a picture is taken using SCP-4182. Pictures taken using SCP-4182 show a dark humanoid figure approximately 4.6m tall. The entity, henceforth referred to as SCP-4182-1, does not appear to have a mouth or ears.
Any person who views SCP-4182-1 in a photograph will remark on it's "familiarity" even if the subject, now referred to as SCP-4182-2, has never viewed SCP-4182-1.
Approximately 5 hours after the first viewing of SCP-4182-1, SCP-4182-2 will begin to experience hallucinations of SCP-4182-1. hallucinations may include:

  • SCP-4182-1 standing ~10m away from SCP-4182-2.
  • SCP-4182-1 manifesting outside a window near SCP-4182-2.
  • SCP-4182-1 walking toward SCP-4182-2.

if SCP-4182-2 is out of sight at any point while experiencing hallucinations, they will be taken by SCP-4182-1. if any recording devices are on SCP-4182-2's person, they will malfunction upon SCP-4182-2's disappearance. at a random interval after roughly 3 days, SCP-4182-2 may return, with varying degrees of physical damage, from minor cuts on arms and legs, to [DATA EXPUNGED].