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Front cover of SCP-3216

Item #: SCP-4133

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4133 is to remain in a Safe Class storage locker at site 21. Only D-Class personnel involved with testing are permitted to have contact with SCP-4133. Personnel exposed to SCP-4133 are required to be administered Class A-Amnestics and undergo a psychological evaluation. Computers in use at site 21 are to have their search engines routinely monitored. Any searches involving combinations of the following words are to be flagged and reported:

  • Blonde
  • Mustang
  • Silver
  • Streamline

Description: SCP-4133 is a copy of Custom Car Magazine dated January, 1980. The cover consists of a Burgundy 1935 Ford Model CX Saloon and a brown haired woman wearing a leopard skin singlet. Page 46, designated SCP-4133-1, consists of a blonde woman posing with a silver 1967 Ford Mustang. SCP-4133-1 has been found to possess cognitohazardous properties. Exposure to SCP-4133-1 causes the reader to develop an infatuation after a period of 10 to 30 minutes. Once this infatuation has manifested, SCP-4133-1 will effectively disappear. Affected persons will then exhibit frustration at being unable to find SCP-4133-1, and begin a laborious search using any available means. This includes:

  • Meticulously combing every page of SCP-4133.
  • Searching for other issues of Custom Car Magazine in the area to examine.
  • Utilizing an internet connection to find prior and current issues of the magazine.
  • Visiting the publication itself to inquire about SCP-4133-1.
  • Actively searching for the woman on SCP-4133-1.

While this search is undergone, increasingly specific memories will manifest within the affected individual. These memories are consistent in nature among all affected persons. These include:

  • The woman being a friend of their mother.
  • The woman being involved in a relationship with the subject.
  • The woman being unfaithful to the subject.
  • The woman stealing a silver streamline camper from the subject.

There are two known methods for quelling the effects of SCP-4133-1. The first is the administering of Class-A Amnestics, the second is illustrating SCP-4133-1. Artists capable of creating a quality rendition of SCP-4133-1, have been observed under testing to be unaffected (See 4133-T-02) . SCP-4133 was recovered after a series of incidents surrounding ██████'s Tires in █████, Ohio. Foundation field agents were subsequently exposed to SCP-4133, resulting in similar abnormal behavior. Field Agents sent to investigate ██████ Media; the publication responsible for Custom Car Magazine, found no evidence of a woman matching the description of SCP-4133-1. To date, no additional instances of SCP-4133-1 have been found.

Addendum: 4133-I01

Transcript details an interview with affected field agent, Samuel ████. Reported missing on ██ /██/ ████, and later located on ██ / ██ / ████.

Addendum 4133 A-01: Excerpts from Testing log 4133-T

Conclusion: Despite failure with photography, the sketch proves that SCP-4133-1 exists. Exposure to artist renditions of SCP-4133-1 yield no active effects.

Addendum 4133-I02:

Transcript details interview with subject D-2901C after subject complained of unusual recurring dreams

Addendum 4133 PR