Res. Kaeru: 4k draft
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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Euclid Safe Keter


Incident Report: 4000-02 SCP-4000 had previously been contained in a small chamber at Site-██ under a level 1 security lock. Routine maintenance discovered SCP-4000 missing from its containment chamber. A search revealed SCP-4000 in the possession of personnel L███ O██. Attached: transcript of security feed during incident 4000-02.

Addendum A: Personnel with which SCP-4000 'bonds' will display certain psychological changes that advance exponentially with repeated or extended time spent inside SCP-4000's containment zone. Unbonded individuals who interact with SCP-4000 will also experience effects, however such effects are entirely separate from and much less severe than those experienced by bonded individuals.
Recorded effects on bonded individuals:

  • Desire to interact with, or be in the presence of, SCP-4000
  • Discomfort or reluctance in exiting the presence of SCP-4000
  • Interest in the study of SCP-4000
  • Alteration of overall mental state to reflect mental state prior to life-changing event
  • Strengthening of the newly adopted mental state
  • Perception of SCP-4000 as a connection to a sentient entity (SCP-4000-1)
  • Eventual interaction with SCP-4000-1, occurring after varying periods of exposure to SCP-4000
  • After total solidification of new mental state, development of sociopathic tenancies in some

Recorded effects on unbonded individuals:

  • Feelings of boredom regarding interactions with SCP-4000, stated to increase with prolonged exposure
  • Loss of interest in the study of SCP-4000
  • Perception of SCP-4000 as an ordinary object, without anomalous properties
  • Desire to cease containment procedures on SCP-4000

Note that these effects on unbonded personnel are very minor and remain under consideration for designation as anomalous effects.

Addendum B: Zone of influence. Upon an individual's first interaction with SCP-4000, its range of influence is limited to physical contact; however, it extends exponentially with continued exposure to SCP-4000. A bonded person who has spent an hour with SCP-4000 will have an average zone of influence of 5 feet in every direction. However, a bonded person who has spent five or more hours with SCP-4000 will have a zone of influence averaging ten miles in radius from the containment zone. After first interaction with SCP-4000-1, bonded individuals will begin to express discomfort leaving the zone of influence, the level of which increases similarly to other psychological effects. This zone represents the area within which the bonded individuals report being able to interact with SCP-4000-1 (though express greater difficulty doing so as distance from SCP-4000 increases). While psychological effects will almost always cease to progress upon leaving the presence of SCP-4000, if personnel in question have interacted with SCP-4000-1, these effects will continue to progress slightly while within the zone of influence.

Addendum 4000-06: Personnel with auditory processing disorders or any known relevant sensory damages or losses are prohibited from entering the containment and observation zones of SCP-4000 at any time. Personnel diagnosed with tinnitus must submit themselves for health evaluations to assess the severity of their auditory disability prior to any interaction with or observation of SCP-4000. Any personnel assigned to SCP-4000 who experience ringing in the ears or other symptoms of hearing damage or loss must immediately remove themselves from the containment and observation zones and report their symptoms to a site manager at earliest convenience and prior to reentering the active zones of SCP-4000.