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Image of SCP-xxxx strain BK 13 7

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All known strains of SCP-xxxx have been documented, with samples stored in standard BSL-2 facilities within Site-234. Standard protective equipment must be worn at all times while interacting with SCP-xxxx strains. Assigned staff should have basic knowledge of Seventh Day Adventist or Sarkic practices and beliefs.

In the event a member of personnel is exposed to a strain of SCP-xxxx, they are to be treated with standard antifungal or antibiotic medications and observed for the duration of the strain's effects. Once they have been cleared of all biological signs of the anomaly, the affected personnel are to go through a standard psychological curative and analysis period to ensure no lasting effects from the anomaly are present. Once the exposed staff have been cleared on all accounts by medical and psychological personnel, they may resume active duty.

MTF Chi-7 ("Plague Tamers") are to monitor large urban centers in Brazil and surrounding regions for outbreaks of SCP-xxxx. If an outbreak is detected, agents are to aid in humanitarian efforts in curing the population, and are to cull the sandfly population in the area to reduce further cases. Treatment should focus on curing the anomaly before the development of Leishmaniasis and the associated sores.

Update (2017-05-15): All active Foundation operations in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, and Salvador are being temporarily suspended due to developments concerning the ED strain of SCP-xxxx. Minor psychoactive chemicals, amnestics, and antifungal medications have been introduced into the primary water supplies of these cities to allow MTF Chi-7 to safely investigate Incident xxxx-2.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a series of anomalous strains of the protozoan parasite Leishmania braziliensis, primarily found in the large urban centers of Brazil. Specimens of SCP-xxxx act similarly to non-anomalous strains, including the contraction of the disease Leishmaniasis in the victim. The anomalous effects of SCP-xxxx begin to manifest when symptoms of Leishmaniasis begin to develop, specifically manifesting in the development of lesions and unhealed sores.

Over the course of four to five weeks, the lesions and sores caused by SCP-xxxx will form in the shape of text on the upper back of the victim. In addition, a symbol resembling either an eye with a crown or a crude approximation of the Foundation logo will appear at the base of the neck. All other symptoms displayed by subjects infected with SCP-xxxx are consistent with normal cases of Leishmaniasis. SCP-xxxx is primarily transmitted through sandfly (Phlebotominae) bites.

Currently, there are six seven known variations of SCP-xxxx. While the genetic makeup is identical for each variation, the text that manifests in victims will differ1. Variations of SCP-xxxx are most easily identified by the text present on the surface of the parasite. The text on the cell is naturally occurring, and is present on specimens grown in lab settings.

The text on each variation of SCP-xxxx is as follows2:

  • BK 13 7
  • BK 13 19 20
  • BK 5 6 9
  • EY 2 8
  • EY 7 10
  • EY 19 52 56
  • ED

SCP-xxxx was initially discovered on ██/██/2002, when the body of ████████ █████ was discovered near the base of the Cristo Redentor statue in Rio de Janeiro. The body was found covered in a large amount of small, circular puncture wounds, generally grouped around major arteries. █████ appeared to have suffered from anemia for sixteen to seventeen months before dying from other causes. SCP-xxxx was found in the victim's bloodstream during an autopsy. The other strains were discovered in similar corpses within the area over a period of 15 month.

Addendum xxxx-1: The following information was confirmed by lab tests of SCP-xxxx strains. All text on the bodies has been translated from Portuguese.

Through testing, it has been determined that SCP-xxxx also exhibits a secondary anomalous effect that was not previously recorded. The effect is minor, in that it will alter the memory or personality of an infected individual, making them more likely to believe Seventh Day Adventist teachings and recognize terms or phrases from Sarkist scripts, as measured by the Berzman scale of beliefs.

Incident xxxx-2: On the 10th of May 2015, a number of large crowds attacked several Foundation personnel throughout Sao Paulo, Brazil. Five staff members suffered severe injuries, with Dr. Darryl Lloyd succumbing to his injuries several days after the incident. Following the attack, Foundation security teams apprehended several of the involved individuals. During standard medical analysis, a seventh strain of SCP-xxxx was discovered in their bloodstream. Further investigation displayed a large number of civilians in the urban centers of Brazil were affected by the new strain.

The text on the cell consisted of the letters E and D, but the new strain is biologically identical to all other variations. However, this SCP-xxxx strain does not produce any visible lesions, marks, or symbols on the victims. The mental influence this variation produces in infected individuals is noticeably increased as well, with Seventh Day Adventist beliefs becoming an obsessive portion of their personality. Extended exposure to the ED strain also causes victims to be slowly unable to differentiate Sarkic and Christian teachings and scripts.

People infected with the seventh SCP-xxxx strain become acutely aware of all Foundation personnel, and will react violently towards them. Test subjects have displayed the ability to discern undercover Foundation employees and even agents with extreme skill in espionage and disguise. While attacking personnel, the infected individuals will often scream that "[the Foundation] is impeding the spread of the true word, and shall be punished." Full containment of the ED outbreak is ongoing.

Addendum xxxx-3: During the investigation of Incident xxxx-2, data from the CALMA-S5 Satellite was used to analyze any person or crowd movements in the area prior to the incident. Many of the involved civilians were seen going to a local swimming beach earlier in the week, and further analysis of the location revealed a person of interest actively spreading an unknown substance throughout the area. CALMA data tracked the POI to an unused warehouse in the near vicinity.

After a period of surveillance where no activity was observed, an armed exploration of the location was cleared. The clearing of the facility was uneventful, with no resistance or ambush devices. Within the structure, agents found a rudimentary biological laboratory, with equipment either crudely made or stolen from educational and scientific locations in the city. Later analysis of the equipment and the laboratory revealed they were coated in a large number of dead Leishmania braziliensis cells, both non-anomalous and anomalous strains.

Several papers and documents were found throughout the laboratory, including a well-used personal King James Bible and copies of several Sarkist scripts or research notes. Of particular note, the bible appears to have a significant amount of passages circled, names marked, and several pages torn out. The Sarkist notes detail processes to perfect a person mentally and physically through the use of microbial life and micro-mutations. This closely aligns with papers written by Mina Grünberg, a Võlutaar in the Anhänger nach Fleisch cult, who was apprehended by the Foundation in 1982. In addition to these documents, a laboratory notebook was found, detailing the process the person of interest followed in the creation of SCP-xxxx.

Names signed in the notebook indicate the POI was Estevon Monaldo, a microbiologist and known Seventh Day Adventist. Monaldo was notable due to his fanaticism with the faith causing friction between himself and the rest of the church. According to several reports and articles, Monaldo was no longer welcome in his church following an outburst during a sermon, where he claimed the faith was not spreading around the world fast enough due to the congregation's faithlessness. Notes indicate he found the Sarkic scripts following this event.

Along with the above documents, what appeared to be an extremely mutated human body was found in a secondary chamber. The flesh of the body had spread and fused with its surrounding environment, incorporating larges masses of the wall and portions of a writing desk into the tissue. After the body was excised from the mass of additional flesh, a field autopsy was performed. A strand of rosary beads was discovered tightly bound around its lower right arm, and several pages of paper were found fused to the spinal cord and cerebral cortex. While the majority of the text on the paper was unreadable, the samples that were legible indicate these were pages torn from a bible, specifically the Book of Revelations as well as Sarkic scripts. The personal bible found in the main lab corroborated this conclusion. It has been theorized the body was Monaldo, but DNA analysis has proven inconclusive.