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Item #: SCP-XXXX


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel tasked with containment, research or custodial duties associated with SCP-XXXX are restricted to a diet of fruit, vegetables and nuts only. Staff found in violation of this rule will be immediately reassigned and face disciplinary measures due to known risk of containment breach through dead animal tissue. Daily vitamin supplements will be provided with all meals and are mandatory.

Class-D personnel that are tasked with consuming items from SCP-XXXX-A are to have their waste disposed of in the Port-a-Johns located inside building B-2 for containment and further study. Any infected waste suspected to have entered the local environment or ground water is to be reported immediately and a Level-2 lockdown will be in place until sterilization teams have given the all clear.

All traffic attempting to enter the property is to be rejected under the guise of an erupted oil pipeline. Food and safety inspectors that approach SCP-XXXX exhibit erratic behavior once with within close proximity of the site, this behavior and following incidents have been documented.1

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was brought to the attention of Foundation assets through the detection of a known cognitohazard2 on packages of ███ brand frozen chicken at the ████████ supermarket chain.

A countermeme was deployed on broadcast stations within a fifty mile radius of the ████████████, AR area informing of a recall on all ███ brand products. MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") succeeded in a rapid recall of over 6,000 units over the next week in conjunction with an amnestic sweep of purchasers. Based on sales records from ████████ supermarket the public risk is considered to be contained. During the course of the preliminary investigation, product shipments were traced to the current location of SCP-XXXX. The site was found abandoned in its current state.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) that spans thirty acres in ████████████, Arkansas. The compound has fourteen buildings in total, six of which appear to have been used for administrative and staff functions. The remaining eight buildings vary in layout, but all have been used in a manner consistent with raising chickens. Though most of the remaining equipment has been destroyed, signs indicate that this installation was filled beyond capacity and had extremely poor working conditions.

Of the eight buildings used for chicken production, three have large mechanical devices that occupy most of their interiors. These machines have been designated SCP-XXXX-A and are capable of producing a presumably endless amount of chickens through the use of a contained temporal wormhole. Researchers have ascertained that within an area of N3 square meters inside the device, a chicken is hatched from an egg which then lives its entire lifetime within the span of fifteen seconds. During this time, nine pounds of feed is dumped into the wormhole, which in turn dispenses approximately 530 eggs and seven pounds of chicken feces. Once the chicken dies, its body is processed within the machine and ejected by conveyor belt to a large porcelain bin. Eggs and feces are both treated as similar waste products and are removed by a series of transparent tubing connected to a mulching device. The mulched material is somehow fed into the soil surrounding SCP-XXXX through means which has yet to be discovered. Most recent tests show the topsoil of the SCP-XXXX compound is made up of approximately 60% of this content.

Each chicken obtained from SCP-XXXX-A has matching DNA but varies slightly in size. Prolonged observation has found that the last egg laid by the chicken within the wormhole hatches into the next instance. Experimentation with substitution of the chicken egg for other fertilized embryos has proven successful, but is limited to vertebrates. A log of these experiments is available.4

Although meat produced by SCP-XXXX-A appears edible, it is extremely resilient to digestion. All materials produced by SCP-XXXX-A decompose at a much slower rate than their non-anomalous counterparts; it has been theorized that this is a symptom of its temporal origin. This effect appears to be contagious to other forms of dead animal matter, including that which is currently inside of another living being. The radius of contamination is unknown, therefore caution is to be taken when transporting any SCP-XXXX-A products off-site for study.

SCP-XXXX foodstuffs that have been completely passed through a digestive tract have a desiccated appearance and rigid shell. These chrysalis are capable of hatching under certain conditions.5