The Angel and the Demon Inside of Me

(Log and Experiments in process, removing black outs, Discovery in process, removing blackouts and fixing errors.)

Item #: SCP-█████

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-█████ must be held in a standard chamber made out of steel at Sector-██.This SCP is not to be removed from his chamber unless directed to do so by Doctor Nichols. SCP-███ must be accompanied by 2 guards on the entrance door and a guard in the control room with bulletproof glass. Shifts are between 2-4 hours, If a sentinel in the control room needs to be excused, A Guard from the entrance must take over. Guards must be equipped with modified tasers and a tranquilizer with a liquid substance of SCP-███-3. This subject must be attached by a collar that can prevent SCP-XXX to go in an A-3 or B-2 or higher. The battery must be checked every 12 hours. A guard must make SCP-███ fall an unconscious state, and replace the battery and kept in storage for further study or must be discarded. A Guard from the Control Panel will be notified when the Overheat Alarm has been off. Failure to do so will overheat the battery and cause the collar to burst. If so, a guard in his chamber must shoot a rapid-acting tranquilizer on the subject. Any Experiments to be performed on SCP-████ must be approved by Doctor Richardson.

Doctor ████ requested for SCP-███ to support the wounded or sick at Medical Bay. Vigilance still must be taken. Request Denied

Description: SCP-████ also known as Lewis Broker is a 5 foot and 4 inches Latin American male with black hair and brown eyes born in ████. His age is unknown but in his personal journal, his age is ███. Although it was suspected that his actual age is from the mid-20s. SCP-████ has a somewhat friendly and has a calm character. The SCP Foundation has gotten their awareness in April ███ when civilians have been reporting sights of seeing a “Demon” or a “Strange light” or an “Angel” in Alaska █████. It's possible that SCP-XXX is linked to -1 and -2. It is speculated that the subject is based on his mood change but SCP-████ says that he maintains it himself. SCP-███-A is classified to be angelic like form and SCP-████-B is classified as a demonic form. If SCP-████ is ever to breach containment, all sentinels or Tactical Response Teams must be arrayed with modified bullets of SCP-███-3 and tranquilizers.

  • SCP-███-A-1: Luminescent cerulean light in the subject’s eyes. Upon interacting with an ill individual or a corpse. SCP-XXX grasps his hand on the individual’s forehead showing a faint afterglow. After a few seconds, the individual will be cured or resurrected. During the process, the subject could also transport information, such as personal interest and history from the individual. Although a person who has been resurrected will show symptoms of Amnesia. The remedy of Lewis’ exotic abilities is still unexplained. ████ is not to be too close at this stage see why in SCP-████-A-2
  • SCP-████-A-2: SCP-████’s whole body will start to glare at this stage. His agility is significant moving up to [DATA EXPUNGED]. ███ can make his own shield in a 1-meter radius. Although his shield can be taken damage and will start to redden making the shield to shatter and disperse. When evolved, anyone in a 2-meter radius will be instantly blinded and deafened for a few seconds.
  • ████-A-3: At this stage, his mutation is still similar to A-2. SCP-XXX begins to develop wings. The length of SCP-████'s wings is measured about 4 1/2 meters long. If ████ has been harmed with anything lethal, (RPG's, SCP-████-3, tank shells) SCP-XXX will begin to regenerate and will begin to hover for a few seconds and lower to the floor. When ████ is regenerating the SCP is not to be viewed at. This will cause [DATA EXPUNGED] that will last for 3 weeks to a month.
  • ████-A-4: [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • ████-B-1: ████ becomes troubled and irritated. The iris of ████’s eyes become slightly purple and hair becomes slightly grey. When upon walking into an electrical device, it can be controlled by ████ as a harmful or useful weapon. Agility levels increase. Hands become shaky.
  • ████-B-2: The subject’s agility levels greatly increase and much more improved than B-1. ████ becomes angered. Nails become black. ████’s larynx starts to vibrate and teeth slightly turn into fangs. Please alert Doctor █████ if ████ mutates at this level. ████ is not to be approached similarly to ████-A-4 but much more fatal.
  • ████-B-3: If ███ to be at this stage, sentinels must make ████ fall into an unconscious state. Anyone near ████ in a 3 ½ meter radius that had contact with a purple spark or ████’s skin must be reported to the medical bay immediately, see why in SCP-XXX-2. ████’s nails will mutate into claws, the subject’s iris and the whole eye becomes completely purple.
  • █████-B-4: Incidents of █████-4 are quite rare. In this stage, all personnel must be evacuated immediately. All guards and Tactical Response Teams must be armed with █████-3 and must be fired at ████ as quickly as possible. If ████ is to be making a purple electrical orb or if████’s hand makes contact with the floor will result in catastrophic damage and fatal outcomes.

SCP-XXXX-1, -2 and -3

Experiment on ████'s on diseased individuals and weapons