A Clocking Madness
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Item #: SCP-3548

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A hemispherical barrier has been established around SCP-3548, and is to be routinely inspected for any possible ruptures; personnel interacting with the anomaly are to wear appropriate sound-cancelling gear. The surrounding area is to be sound-proofed to protect against a minimum of 90% of outgoing sound waves.

Medical and psychological treatment is currently ongoing for all individuals affected by SCP-3548, following the administration of Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-3548 is a large digital clock with a 0.5m x 1m LED screen, set to a timer. Notably, the device continues to display a timer even while not connected to a power source. Attempts to deactivate SCP-3548 have proven unsuccessful.

Every 60 seconds, SCP-3548 emits a 130dB sound, inducing symptoms of stress, paranoia, increased alertness, and eardrum rupture in nearby individuals. Subjects report having visions of an apocalyptic event (designated SCP-3548-1) while under SCP-3548's effects. Aspects of SCP-3548-1 commonly reported include but are not limited to:

  • Affected subjects report being transported to a barren field under a blank black sky. SCP-3548 is heard ringing in the distance, while the ground shakes. After, several large white pills start falling from the sky, crushing organisms in the distance.
  • Glass-fibre tendrils ensnaring any moving humans and forcing them to engage in social activities (such as parties, picnics and shopping meetings).
  • Individuals being forced to repeat “I’ll not forget, I promise”.

SCP-3548 was found in PoI-3548's house, above its roof; the exact purpose of the countdown is unknown.

Addendum 3548: Interview Log 3548

Interviewed: PoI-3548

Interviewer: Dr. Bears

Foreword: PoI-3548 was located by Foundation agents in his mother's residence, and was interviewed for further information.

<Begin Log, 17:08:44>

Dr. Bears: Hello? Sir, we're requesting a small interview, are you there?

[Dr. Bears knocks on the house's front door twice.]

Dr. Bears: No response. Oh, wait, there's a doorbell right there, see?

[Dr. Bears presses on the house's doorbell twice. A deep, 100dB sound is released from it, shaking the residence's structure for three seconds.]

Dr. Bears: Jesus! What kind of—

[PoI-3548 opens the door, gesturing to Dr. Bears and opening his mouth, pointing to it.]

Dr. Bears: What, what do you mean? (Pauses) Oh, I think he's deaf. Lucky me.

Note: At this point, the interview was conducted in American Sign Language, as PoI-3548 is partially deaf.

Dr. Bears: Can I enter? Okay, thank you. Good afternoon.

PoI-3548: Good afternoon. Can I ask what is going on here? I was enjoying my stay-out very much, thank you. Wasn't expecting a bunch of—

Dr. Bears: See, you just have to answer a few questions and you're good to go.

PoI-3548: Let them be quick.

Dr. Bears: What is your device’s timer counting down to? Are you aware of its effects?

PoI-3548: Device? I don't know what you’re talking about.

Dr. Bears: The giant clock that is above your house, sir. It's making people crazy.

[PoI-3548 abruptly gets up from his chair, and moves towards the door.]

PoI-3548: My alarm is already going off?

Dr. Bears: Alarm? Alarm for what?

PoI-3548: Man, I’m late for my anxiety meds!

<End Log>