A Group Of Non-Intrest (by gastermemes)

Earlier last year, the SCP Foundation was alerted to a group that goes by the title of The SOR. To be completely honest, it bores everybody that researches it, which may be a possible anomaly- oh for fucks sake, my job sucks. But like I was saying, it is possible that it may probably not be an anomaly. Sure, they are as powerful, if not more so than us, but seriously, what are they going to do. Wow… That was a bit of a contradictory statement… But seriously, if anybody wants to research this, knock yourself out. We made contact with the SOR, and of course, they had been "waiting for us to call for a long ass time." After we told them that they were somewhat suspicious the guy just laughed and hung up. We decided not to call back. We traced the- I'M SO BORED!!! Sorry about that, so we traced the call to a building in a city. Naturally we dropped 939 into the building with a microphone and camera attached to its head. A few seconds after it entered the building, SCP - 939 - 44 was killed via hypothermia. It is not known how or why this happened, but it did, and its not my place to question it. We then received a Discord voice chat request on all of the screens in the facility which we sent 939 from, and trust me, that was mildly terrifying. So, we answered the call, and there was a group of people sitting on thrones of different materials, one being gold, one being sandstone, one being ice, and another of human skulls. Each person was in what appeared to armor of their respective material. (One gold, one ice, one sandstone, and one of bones.) Each person's face was hidden by hoods of varying color, a golden one on the gold clad guy, a sand colored one on the sandstone person, cyan for ice, and a yellowish white for bone. We asked who they were, and they answer the question with "We are. We are not. Your mortal mind cold not comprehend our true names." So, after some minor discussion, we decided to hang up and try and forget about the entire thing. Since then we have not received a call from them. Boring right? Currently nobody knows who or what they are, but after doing some reasearch we found out that we don’t actually have Discord on any of the computers in the facility, so that’s a thing. As of 7/16/18 we have received two reports from several MTF units that they have been having dreams about “a bunch of guys on thrones with hoods on.” Most of the units were not aware of the SORs existence. We sent one of the soldiers into the building that was known to have the SORs people in it, and shortly after he was dropped in, we lost all connection other than vitals of the soldier. Currently the soldier still has a steady heart rate and blood pressure. It is currently a mystery whe the soldier is.

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