Win and make a wish

Special contains procedures: scp-3789 is to kept looked with all The pieces in vault 7 at site-19 and only to be played with by Level O4 approve

Description: SCP-3789 is a simple chess table (35 cm x 30 cm) with two sides and 32 pieces 16 White and 16 black each side have one king one queen two rocks two bishops two Knights and eight pawns

If SCP-3789 is played by any Cable on a human of playing Chess it will grant one wish in the case of winning and will take one thing in the case of losing see Test logs for more information
SCP-3789 has 4 rules that will be known to whom ever plays with it how SCP-3789 can do this is unknown the rules are
1-you will get one wish that will be granted in case of winning
2-you will lose something if in case of losing
3-the bigger the wish the harder the game gets
4-you can't wish for more wishes in anyway

Although SCP-3789 has normal chess rules stalemate will be considered winning to the side with more pieces

SCP-3789 was originally bought by dr.█████ at █████ free market after founding it's anomalous properties he reported to the SCP foundation