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Item #: SCP-3278

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3278 need to be contained in a square room of armed concrete with a lenght of 5m,a height of 2m and a thickness of 1.5m with a SAS,and a armored door to avoid all radiation in the site.To access to SCP-3278´s research room next to SCP-3278’s room,you need a permission from a level 2 personnel or be a scientist/researcher/doctor.The SAS to access to SCP-3278 room need to NEVER be opened UNLESS authorized by a level 3 personnel or higher.

Description: SCP-3278 is a coal ore located in site-██,in the research unit and is a coal ore of approximatively 750cm2 found in Canada,near a little village named Chefferville,in the north of the Québec in a coal mine(see Data Files for more details about SCP-3278’s history).This coal ore have a high level of radioactivity when there never got any nuclear essay,nuclear plant or anything else with nuclear energy.The reason about why this ore is irrediated is still studied.

In Case Of Containment Breach: The SCP’s room SAS and the armored door of the research room need to lock down immediatly to avoid the spread out of radioactive particle in all the site,but the protected room in the unit can wait 30 sec. to let all the personnals evacuate in.The blast door can open only when all dangers would be gone.In case of containment breach,SCP-3278 become a Keter and the unit need to lock down.In case of breach in the unit,the site is put on lock down.

Data Files:

Test logs:

Addendum A1: The Subject shows us[DATA EXPUNGED].SCP-3278 shows the same effects on every subjects; They become irradiated.SCP-3278 also do the same effects as SCP-3278-1 but in less radius2,and radioactive particles concentration.