Special Containment Procedures: Scp-3673 is "disguised" For most people. If a test is going to be made on 3673, ScD have to use at least 2 (Two) Class D. When testing at least 2 (two) standby guards are placed at exit of the containment area and at the entrance leading to 3673. If 3673 breachs, a full lockdown is Acquired

Description: 3673 seems ordinary to most people, showing itself as a wolf. but coming into contact with the entity. Will cause: Nausea, Freezing, dizziness And the Flu. after coming in contact with the entity, subject will start feeling dizzy and seeing the wolf differently. Subjects describe it as: Red, Bleeding a lot, fangs out of it's body, Black eyes, also a Crimson and black color or shade. If 3673 happened to breach containment, full site lockdown is acquired. Since 3673 is capable of controlling people that came in contact with 3673, therefor we have to remove subjects and terminate them. SCP 3673 is also capable of creating "holograms" of people it has seen. 3673 is also capable of making people forget as well as controlling people coming into contact. 3673 is capable of making subjects feeling uneasy coming near itself.

Dr. Dan: Please step into the cell

D-3131 is spacing out

Dr. Dan: Subject 3131, Please enter..

D-3131: Oh yeah.. Sorry

Dr. Dan: Not a problem'

3131 steps into the cell

Dr. Dan: Now do you see a w-

D-3131: Is that a wolf… oh no.. doc I don't think- I-I-

Dr. Dan: You do, great. Now please approach 3673…

D-3131 walks up to entity

Dr. Dan: Please interact.

D-3131 touches the wolf for a second before quickly taking his hand to himself.

Dr. Dan: Do you feel any changes? Anything new?

D-3131: Woah doc… that wolf… oh god… what happened to it?!

At this point D-3131 is stepping back and fowards

Dr. Dan: Please stand still, and describe it

It- It's like crimson.. Fangs coming out of body and- oh.. doc I don't feel good..

D-3131 pukes what looks to be blood

Dr. Dan: Please-

D-3131: It's freezing in here!

D-3131 begins yelling


Dr. Dan: Terminate him.

D-3131 is pounding on the door, as the door opens shots are fired.