Aaron Miranda

Tltle : SCP-3254

Object Class : Safe

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-3254 is to be refrigerated at 18-28 Degree Celsius at all times as to keep its liquid state stable. SCP-3254 is a Liquid that is not Recommended to be drunk by humans as it has Tremendous Hazards(See Description Below) according to the Test performed on █ █-██████.


SCP-3254 is a Liquid that changes its color by week as observed. SCP-3254 Poses no threats to personnel nearby as it doesn't animate itself except for changing its liquid colors. Sometimes, the liquid may change color not only ranging from the ROYGBIV colors but also neon red and many more colors. Confirmed Hazards of SCP-3254 is one of the following: Prolonged LSD, A perception in which a personnel has a different reality experiences according to his own perception, permanent alternated color perception, hyperactivity, autism like behavior and the human hemoglobin count dratiscally increases. All personnel who drunk SCP-3254 Must puke the liquid before 5 Minutes to prevent the effect depending on the liter he/she took. However, skin contact with SCP-3254 will cause the skin color to change(Depending on the Liquid Color) and for the skin texture, will soon appear solid-like with no presence of hair epidermis. SCP-3254 is once used by the Foundation for Christmas Decorations and poses no conduction to electricity as all plain white LEDs can be submerged inside. The study of replacing modern day Christmas LEDs was now conducted by Dr.███████ ████ but cannot be deliberated due to hazards posed and unknown substances. The researched for SCP-3254 will be conducted on █-█-2019 for the deliberation of use of the Modified SCP-3254.