Aaron Miranda

Title: SCP-3284

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-3284 is to be contained in a fully lighted cubicle. Container is to be furnished for living purposes and the container's air ventilation system shall lead only to a powered fan to prevent breaching the facility. Feeding SCP-3284 is daily but is limited only to cow meat, alcohol, condiments especially McCormick Chicken gravy and Cheese.


SCP-3284, also known as "Ray █████", was responsible for the death of over 20 Families in the residence of ████████ village in which SCP-3284's hostility is extremely inaudible or stealthy in any circumstances. Any ventilations or house attics can be silently used by SCP-3284 or hide in any blind spots by 0.94 seconds. In which SCP-3284 demonstrates very quick reaction faster 0.45 seconds faster than any average human, SCP-3284's hostility is almost inevitable inspite of having the ability to kill without alerting any at vicinity. SCP-3284 is also capable of jumping 2.3 ft and reach any unreachable objects such as pipelines. This was also suspected as this tactic was commonly used to evade any threats against SCP-3286 and make the process of victim hunting more impossible to evade without any audible footsteps. Possible ways to evade SCP-3284 is to avoid darker areas were SCP-3286's presence is common and all combat personnel are to use Heat Vision Goggles to track SCP-3286's heat signatures for tracking vicinity of any areas in which SCP-3286's possible presence. SCP-3286's common weapons are kitchen knives for quick predation or an super-silenced 9mm pistol for less audible victim hunting.

SCP-3284's physical properties are 5'9 ft. tall, weighing 73.2 Kg almost above average of an American masculine. SCP-3284's feces contains 46% simian blood and urine is about 1% in natural urine acid which suggest abnormal health properties. Its skin color has the ability to possess any object material SCP-3284 had made contact with. SCP-3284's age is ██ years old but voice doesn't age overtime instead it changes. Hygienic practices of SCP-3284 are to be planned by Dr.█████████, with skin germ protections and anti chemical bonding soaps are practically recommended. SCP-3284's History of Disorders are much complicated and more further testing and research is required to find SCP-3284's main weakness and only 32% of SCP-3284's mental state was already archieved due to lack of testing interventions provided.

Test A - ██/22/15