Item #: SCP XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP XXXX is currently contained willingly in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site ██. Subject has been implanted with a tracker, and is to receive mental and physical health examination monthly and has been allowed social contact with research personnel of Level 2 Clearance or higher. Subject has requested several objects or furnishings, including:

  • One (1) jacket. Pants were not requested Subject complained that the cell was cold. APPROVED
  • One (1) terminal for use in browsing the internet. DENIED
  • Access to entertainment. APPROVED, Subject is to be provided with limited subjects of literature at the discretion of Researcher H████. Of note is SCP-XXXX’s interest in literature, logic (especially in games and puzzles), economics, and philosophy.
  • One (1) instrument described by subject as a “syrinx”, or multi-piped flute (also known as panpipes). PENDING

SCP XXXX, because of its skill with combat, enhanced physical and mental faculties, and (relative to other helpful SCPs) “stability”, SCP XXXX has been considered potentially useful in containing breaches of SCP 076-2. This is not to be attempted, and in a breach, subject is to be sealed into chamber.

Description: SCP-XXXX is, in appearance, similar to the mythological figure referred to as a “Satyr” or Faun”, though staff are to refrain from calling him so. Age appears to be 28, though based on recalled events seems to be much older. Subject appears to be of European descent, with brown eyes and dark blonde hair. Subject weighs 63.6kg, and is 1.6m tall. Of note is that despite his small size, subject is in good physical health, being able to recover from injuries that would usually be fatal or severe at a slightly improved rate. Rather than having humanoid legs and feet, Subject has cloven hooves, and flanks and legs similar to that of a wild goat (Capra aegagrus), with fur being the same color as hair. This fur, to a lesser degree, also is present in the normal places one would find human body hair (Chest, Back, Navel, Arms, etc.) and appears to be resistant to damage, protecting those areas from some light wounds. Of note is also the subject’s large ears and full horns. Subject is observed to be very agile, and have above-average strength, being able to lift a 350lb weight when requested.

Subject shows a measured IQ of 153, and speaks English and a language seeming similar to Latin or Greek, though it has words not present in either, usually referring to anomalous occurrences, and is described as charming, albeit overly familiar (occasionally flirting with staff) and loud, singing and laughing to a superfluous degree. While subject is often attentive and aware, he is not particularly serious, often entertained by jokes, practical or verbal. Subject also shows a tendency to not think before acting, often acting impulsively when angered or threatened, as well as a somewhat sociopathic lack of guilt and a slight disregard for the plans of others.
Subject has an additional effect- SCP XXXX appears to be able to affect the probability of events in order to acquire a preferred result. This ability was originally believed to be prophetic, but in reality is simply a controlled manipulation of odds. This effect appears to only be present when manipulating an event with a probability of 1/70 or greater. SCP XXXX has yet to use this ability in an escape attempt, preferring to use it to occasionally manipulate researchers for his own entertainment.

Addendum XXXX A:
At the request of Junior Researcher S█████, pants will now be required during SCP XXXX's testing.

Addendum XXXX B (List of altered events):

Test Number Experiment Results
XXXX-01 Subject was instruct to roll a seven on a six sided die. After 50 repetitions, the result was still seven.
XXXX-02 Subject was instructed to flip a coin. By the 100th attempt, the result was still always heads.
XXXX-03 Subject was instructed to draw all 4 Kings out of a full deck of cards. Subject proceeded to do so. Note: Subject requested right to use this ability further. DENIED.