AceOfSwords' random ideas

Hello! this is the place where I put my random concepts so I don't forget, them as well as my drafts. Or this is where the drafts would be if I didn't procrastinate so much. Feedback would be much appreciated!

So this is the first SCP idea I had that's almost okay enough to be developed, so I'm going to jot some notes here.

Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Safe

-Contained at Site-103 in a greenhouse
-(look up how large this species of rose gets to write description and containment size)
-considered safe enough for class B to come into contact with

-a specimen of Rosa chinensis
-The flowers of the plant are vividly multicolored.
-Thorns share that trait.
-The flowers and thorns change color every 20-30 minutes.
-colors cycle through in the order of red-orange-yellow-green-cyan-blue-violet
-Any material that comes in contact will also change color in the same pattern, wears off after a few -hours
-only affects hair and eye color in mammals
-If a sentient organism comes in contact with it, they can control the changes
-if ingested, the effect lasts much longer
-if a flower or thorn is cut off, it will no longer change color and will gradually lose it's ability to -change the colors of other things
-once a flower or thorn is cut off, it will completely lose its ability to change the color of other things after about 30 minutes. Then the only anomalous property of the flowers are their unnatural color.