AceOfSwords' random ideas

Hello! this is the place where I put my random concepts so I don't forget, them as well as my drafts. Or this is where the drafts would be if I didn't procrastinate so much. Feedback would be much appreciated!

So this is the first SCP idea I had that's almost okay enough to be developed, so I'm going to jot some notes here.

summary: the plant is pretty, so you look at it. but then, it pricks you, you die, and it eats you.

Object Class: Safe, as in it's not trying to escape, but will reconsider once I'm writing a draft

-Contained at Site-103 in a greenhouse
-(look up how large this species of rose gets to write description and containment size)

-a specimen of Rosa chinensis
-The flowers of the plant are vividly multicolored.
-The flowers change color every 20-30 minutes.
-colors cycle through in the order of red-orange-yellow-green-cyan-blue-violet
-the flowers are to attract prey
-Any material that comes in contact will also change color in the same pattern, wearing off after a few days
-it works on living things too
-once the effect wears off, one can see the severe skin irritation in the effected area, and there are serous problems if it gets into the bloodstream

-the flowers themselves aren't the scary part, the plant's way of obtaining extra nutrients is though.
-as mentioned above, the plant contains a lethal toxin
-the thorns share the flower's color changing ability
-whatever is making it change color is what makes it deadly
-the thorns are needle like
-if you get pricked, you get injected with the rainbow death chemical
-as much as looking at someone with color-changing blood is cool, it's a bad way to go out
-depending on the amount of poison that's injected, death occurs between 1 and 6 hours
-the toxin itself seems to be an an anomalous (spell check that) form of tetrodotoxin
-the color changing and sped-up effects are what make the toxin itself odd.
-plus why the heck does a plant have tetrodotoxin, or rather, why does a plant have a symbiotic relationship with bacteria that create rainbow tetrodotoxin

-the normal treatment procedures for tetrodotoxin exposure seem to work decently for this strain.
-However, the color changing inside the body can cause serous damage, and is the reason that it's more deadly than the normal variety
-research is being done to try to create an antidote and treatment plan that can deal with that

-anyways, basically it causes paralysis and then you die
-and you'll be paralyzed right next to the plant
-when a victim dies, the plant's root system will erupt and envelop the corpse, creating a system of overground root systems around the plant itself
-the team has had trouble figuring out what happens, but the plant seems to completely absorb whatever gets stuck in there
-during the absorption process, the flowers wilt and fall off the plant, giving the plant a dead appearance
-once the absorption is over, the root structure remains in place
-but the flowers regrow, with a specific preference to the colors of the living thing it absorbed.

-the head researcher for this project is [name]

-a test with SCP-073 has been denied, due to concerns that the plant will be permanently destroyed.
-test request pending about a cross-test with other plant based anomalies.