Gordon ■■■■■ Diaries

Were finally on ground after ■■■ Hours on that Shit,Never seen the sun so bright…. Our location is at petropia on the pacific continent, well Former Petropia It is now flooded with water thanks to the Foundation. Were at the Scps Deneavour Aircraft Carrier.after the breach of SCP-■■■■ Causing a ■■-Class ■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■ Scenario. Were moving in at the…. Mariana Valley.. Now at the bottom of the Sea, there is an island,were at the island now, nothing much but there is a cave. And command said theyre sending a security team to investigate it. Better not be my team

Out of all security teams on the carrier. MY team was sent
Were gearing up with flashlights,batterys,food and water for…5 Days.did they expect it would take 5 F**kin DAYS JUST TO INVESTIGATE A GODDAMN CAVE.

Were sent in we are a 6 man team,the members are: Me, ■■■■■, ■■■■■,■■■■,■■■■■■■ ,And Ul■■■■ at first the cave looked normal. Then we got deeper and longer and longer and well longer. Already 4 hours on this. Radio contact with command is still clear though. That is.. weird considering at the rate of descent were….. Shit 500 METERS Below earth surface. This is weird they advised to continue down

WORK IN PROGRESS I Have school things to do