ADGP's -Breaking Protocol: SCP XXXX-

Breaking Protocol - SCP XXXX

Object Class - Euclid
Containment Class - Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP XXXX is currently contained in a 20'x20', 2' thick steel reinforced concrete cell block within the main foundation compound. A single 8'x2', 3" thick steel security door is the only entrance/exit with a 1' thick glass ceiling for study and observation of SCP XXXX without physical contact. Video and audio surveillance equipment is placed in all four corners of the cell, sending feed to monitors in observation room.

150,000v electrical charge runs in 1"strips in the flooring of the unit. Tests have shown that SCP XXXX displays weakness and extreme discomfort when exposed to high levels of electricity, temporarily disabling it's neural network system, shutting it down for minutes, sometimes hours. Tests show no physical damage to external or internal mechanical parts, or organic parts from this exposure, and basic memory seems to stay intact.

Containment unit is temperature controlled to prevent weathering and oxidation to mechanical parts. Cell must be cleared of remains/discarded parts immediately after test subject enters/exits the cell. Discarded parts are now recorded as SCP XXXX-1. Lvl 3 Foundation Mechanics entering the cell are to not enter SCP XXXX. Only external and under the hood inspection are permitted.
Contact with SCP XXXX by any other foundation employee is prohibited.
*see Addendum 4

SCP XXXX is a passenger vehicle, appearing as a car of various makes and models, depending on the drivers preference. While having mechanical parts such as wheels, body, transmission, engine, it also has organs under the hood, and intertwined in the wiring harness and firewall. Description varies as to the constant shifting in form from contact with previous drivers, and Subject D studies.
Organs have been identified as almost human, 1 heart, 1 lung, and 3 orifices for intake of blood, and expectorant of waste. The last orifice is an exhaust, when tested traces of methane, O2, cO2, and ammonia were found. The heart works as a fuel pump, delivering the "fuel" to the organic parts of SCP XXXX.

The 1st orifice under the hood, work as an air intake, mainly filtering out everything but oxygen, more efficiently than most modern vehicles built. The 2nd orifice, which shifts position on vehicle depending on current make/model fuel tank fill position, most accurately described as an oral cavity, is where blood enters the cars system.

The opening around the cavity, has dozens of razor sharp teeth, approximately 2mm in height, and 1mm in width, in line circling the opening. The cavity will reach out, sometimes several inches, to get to the source of sustenance, and can digest pieces as large as several inches.
SCP XXXX does not require mechanical maintenance, however it's organic parts require sustenance, in the form of human blood. Extended periods of time without feeding and SCP XXXX will go into a state of "suspended animation" and organic parts whither, and dry.

SCP XXXX's pigmentation, upon microscopical study, bares a strong resemblance to plant pigment, and nullify all color spectrums and reflect only red spectrums. This shade may vary in tones, lighter or darker, but perfectly mimics all make/model factory "reds" produced to date.
Top Speed is currently unknown but has been clocked at 212mhp/341kph. Mileage is unknown, as to the odometer resets at 0 when the "driver" has been depleted, and discarded. Last known mileage was recorded upon discovery in a garage on an abandoned property in ████, Michigan, on █/█/2001 at 036,032, but reset when Dr. Walls was subdued as the new driver.

When SCP XXXX comes into contact with a Subject, it shifts and bends form, growing new parts, or discarding them if necessary, to take form of desired make and model of subject. Through what is now understood as telepathic means, SCP XXXX communicates to the subject, convincing the him/her to enter the vehicle and drive. The subjects will is eventually overwhelmed and feelings of excitement and eagerness overtake the subject. Once the subject has entered, and places their hands on the steering wheel, through osmosis SCP XXXX drains the "life force" or "soul" as Dr. Walls was quoted in his statement, until the subject' is completely complaisant.

Once this state of "complacency" has been achieved, SCP XXXX telepathically uses the subject as a chaperone, forcing the subject to kill, exsanguinate, and feed the organics of the car. All motives of the subject are for SCP XXXX, with the will for self sustenance, survival, and moral codes of the subject are "blocked away" via the telepathic connection between SCP XXXX and subject. Tests have shown the longer the subject is under control by SCP XXXX, the longer, and more difficult it can be for the subject to fully recover, if ever. It was also shown that exposure to SCP XXXX for longer than 3 months, the recovery rate is decreased to 01%, with all but 1 subject surviving passed the acquiring of a new driver. *See Addendum 2

Subjects exposed in under 4 weeks fully recovered physically, and were left with minor mental health issues, including minor cases of PTSD and increased levels of anxiety. Prolonged exposure, ones especially in lengths of 7/8 weeks, never fully recover, physically or mentally, and often expire a few months after recovery. Subjects that survive passed the 9 week marker, are terminated after study.
Research Note: Dr. Walls had shown severe signs of malnutrition,
dehydration, and delirium upon arrival to compound.

Subjects that showed little or no interest in cars/trucks at all, displayed almost 0 negative effects from SCP XXXX, being able to resist the telepathic images and notions SCP XXXX, as long as there was no contact with the interior of the vehicle. These subjects that enter the vehicle and places their hands on the wheel, will eventually succumb to SCP XXXX's ability to "hypnotize" it's driver through osmosis of their life force, which can be traced to leeching of plasma and electrolytes through the skin, and the blocking of all individual thoughts by driver.

Depending on the mental strength, will, and overall health of the driver, this can take anywhere in a range from 3 days, to as long as a week. If the new driver isn't bonding well with SCP XXXX, the car will urge the current driver to find a new driver, one more suitable to SCP XXXX's needs. Once a new driver is found, the previous driver is terminated by the new driver, exsanguinated, and fed to SCP XXXX.

After several days in recovery, Dr. Walls was able to communicate his experience with SCP XXXX.

*Interview Transcript: 001* Dr. Walls is referred to as Subject A in this documentation.

Subject A displayed signs of anxiety and paranoia during the interview, and was sedated due to increased heart rate and brain wave patterns.

Addendums are a work in progress

Inventory Record/SCP XXXX-2

- 1 carburetor - 1965 Chevrolet Malibu - Condition/Mint
- 2 window handles - 1978 Ford Pinto - Condition/Good
- 1 O2 Sensor - 2002 Ferrari Modena - Condition/Mint
- 1 rear window wiper - 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse EX - Condition/Good

SCP XXXX Make/Model @ Time of Arrival1