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The City’s Beating Heart
Item #: SCP – XXXX

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-XXXX-A's natural components.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX requires continual monitoring of USGS seismological data in prevention of a potential IK-class global civilization collapse scenario as a direct result of a Regeneration event. Due to unavoidable public exposure to SCP-XXXX, viewing and publications of the object are embedded with amnestic and memetic safeguards designed in conjunction with onsite agent Virginia Burton & Site 31’s Memetic Division at the Angel Island facility (see Site 31's addendum XXXX-1946). Onsite personnel are permitted to give tours as well as Foundation approved schematics, images, history and approved souvenirs surrounding the cover story of SCP-XXXX, and SCP-XXXX-A. Any on-site personnel clearance level XXXX-2 are permitted direct access to SCP-XXXX-A for cleaning and maintenance. Under no circumstances are civilian authorities to be allowed access to the underground areas surrounding the intersection of Mason and Washington without the administration of class A amnestics.

SCP-XXXX-A is contained below the surface at the intersection of Mason and Washington in the US city of San Francisco, California. Every 24 hours a minimum of [REDACTED]kg/m of torque must be harvested from SCP-XXXX-A to prevent a Regeneration event of SCP-XXXX (see addendum XXXX-1906 & XXXX-1989). All matter that is currently part of SCP-XXXX-B can be considered contained, and any matter removed will revert to an inert state and be considered neutralized. This matter can be safely transported, recycled, and re-purposed with no anomalous effects.

On 4/12/1906, cable lengthening was observed and attributed to generalized metal fatigue, though since Foundation involvement, station researchers have identified that SCP-XXXX-B, while active, grows in length by approximately 4cm each year, with variation possibly depending on localized seismic activity. In order to maintain adequate tension, cables must be replaced yearly. Existing cables will be used to guide the threading of new cables and, as per onsite protocol SCP-XXXX-1984, only one cable line may be out of service at any given time.


SCP-XXXX's current containment display.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a bio-mechanical structure, though current mass and dimensions are not fully understood, but can best be described by the boundary’s of the Hayward, San Andreas, and San Gregorio faults, and tectonic shifts have been shown to have a relation to SCP-XXXX's regeneration attempts (see addendum XXXX-1906 & XXXX-1989 for additional details). Seismic imaging has revealed the rough outline of a subterranean structure which is thought to be the main body of SCP-XXXX. The object was described as one of the Great Titans of Mekhane by recovered writings in the journal of Andrew Smith Hallidie, known member of the Sarkic Cult (see Addendum 1).

During presumably naturally occurring seismic events, SCP-XXXX is observed entering an enhanced regenerative state. It is theorized that given a sufficient release of energy without proper control procedures by the surrounding tectonic plates, SCP-XXXX could become fully aware and mobile. This predominate theory was developed by monitoring SCP-XXXX-A during notable seismic events. It's response time is directly in-sync with the arrival of leading shock waves, and further aftershocks demonstrate diminishing returns.

SCP-XXXX-A is consisting of twelve large wheels, only four of these wheels exist naturally with the other four pairs having been installed to control the tension and drag on SCP-XXXX-B, thus limiting SCP-XXXX-A. The four primary wheels were initially discovered and used as a template in 1873 by Andrew Smith Hallide to construct additional sheaves in order to guide and control SCP-XXXX-B. Each of the primary sheaves of SCP-XXXX-A has a rotational speed of approximately 930RPM however its speed is limited by the tension of SCP-XXXX-B, which is shown to have a dampening effect on Regeneration events.

The cables attached through SCP-XXXX-A consists of 4 x 3.2cm diameter steel cables, each cable having six steel strands, each of which containing 19 wires around a central rope made of organic material. When not attached to SCP-XXXX-A these cables are indistinguishable from industry standard materials and can be obtained from any commercial supplier, as well as are able to be recycled after use. While connected, the cables spontaneously produce a substance on their exterior that appears to serve as both a protective coating and lubricating agent with a constancy similar to that of tar. Additionally, after suffering minor damage, these attached cables have been observed repairing themselves, in a process analogous to cell regeneration. The anomalous effects exhibited by the cables attached to SCP-XXXX-A are henceforth noted as SCP-XXXX-B.


1900 Picture of Andrew Smith Hallidie.

Addendum 1:
After recovering journals from his family's home in London, it was discovered that Andrew Smith Hallidie had informally joined a London based Sarkic cult under the instruction left by his late uncle Sir Andrew Hallidie before his death in 1839. Though he received his uncle's writings at a young age, it appears that Hallidie did not actively participate in Sarkic events until 1853, years after moving to California, after meeting with the local sects in late November 1852. In the mid-1850s, he grew more involved with cult proceedings and participated in small attacks in Southern and Northern California homes of known members of the Church of the Broken God, though information on specific names and places were not provided by provided Church records.

In 1857, Hallidie moved to San Francisco and began working directly with local Neo-Sarkic branch leader Martha Elizabeth Woods. During excavation for nearby buildings in Chinatown, Woods' sect discovered an immigrant working with the Church of the Broken God dramatically overpaying for a local business on the soon discovered SCP-XXXX-A. Starting his own construction and manufacturing business called A.S. Hallidie & Co., he was the forefront of construction of tracts leading from the location of SCP-XXXX-A in an attempt to purchase, and gain control of the site. Newspapers from local records show that 8/2/1873 was the first run of the cable cars line built by Hallidie with his established company.

Addendum XXXX-1906: First recorded attempted Regeneration event
On April 18, 1906, San Francisco was hit with a 7.9 Mw earthquake centered just off the Northwest of the Golden Gate monument. The geodetic head of MTF Pi-7, “Richter's Rollers”, noted evidence that SCP-XXXX seemingly attempted to move, showing new underwater faults that were separated between 6 to 8.5 meters. Though the main shock only lasted for 42 seconds, much of the city was destroyed along with thousands of lives within the city proper alone. Over the next year, special containment procedures were established.

Addendum XXXX-1989: Second recorded attempted Regeneration event
On October 17, 1989, a member of the SCP-XXXX containment team alerted 05 command to an increase in tension far beyond acceptable levels of SCP-XXXX-B signaling a Regeneration event. Soon after, a 6.9 Mw earthquake, centered within the Santa Cruz Mountain range 60 miles south of the containment site. MTF Pi-7 were sent to the area disguised as cave divers to investigate for an indication of any relation to SCP-XXXX and potential breach of secrecy.

Interview Log XXXX-A

Interviewed: Father Friedel Klussmann of the Church of the Broken God
Interviewer: Agent Virginia Burton of The Foundation's Site 31

Foreword: On 2/16/1944, an unsanctioned sailing boat arrived on Site 31's main supply dock on the north east side. On-board were Father Friedel Klussmann, of the Maxwellism sect of the Church of the Broken God, along with three simply dressed passengers, who remained on board under guard watch. Klussmann was confronted by security forces, did not resist, was generally pleasant to Foundation staff, and placed in an empty temporary containment cell. Father Klussmann was then moved to interview room 3.

Agent Burton: Father Klussmann, how did you learn about this installation?
Klussmann: We had a few locals join the congregation a few years back during [REDACTED] in La Paz. I'm sure you have an employment file on hand of two of my men. They saw first-hand what incompetence and interference wreaks on our Lord. It is not time for us to play god, Mekahane hasn't healed.
Agent Burton: Why did you come and see us? We are still cleaning up your mess…

Father Klussmann pauses for a moment, then leans forward to look her directly in the eyes.

Klussmann: It wasn't me, or any of my men. We wouldn't have suggested such a terrible action. But listen, we don't want Him to wake up either, Virginia, at least not yet. I've come with an… offer. I have names of the Sarkic filth all across California trying to kill the Titan and the children within the Church corrupting His name. If you protect Him… contain it, we will help you.
Agent Burton: So we would contain the item -
Klussmann: Until Mekahane is healed. Then we will allow it to join our Lord in battle.
Agent Burton: Allow it? You understand we are not a GOI's safe deposit box.
Klussmann: You protect it, and we will help the Foundation. I have many eyes and ears around this continent. We know exactly what you are keeping here. We know exactly how many sites you have in California alone. But more importantly, we know exactly who blasphemed in La Paz, and I can give you names of more of your converts. We give you their location, and you protect the Titan. In the meantime, I will aid you in however I can. I want punishment, Virginia. I… am just not in a place to do it myself.

Addendum XXXX-1946:
Subsequent correspondences developed strategies to counteract any attempts to deem the true nature of SCP-XXXX and the closure of the rail lines in San Francisco, Site 31's Agent Virginia Burton and Father Friedel Klussmann began work implementing memetic safeguards within the containment site while Klussmann and Foundation liaisons began stirring up support for maintaining the railways with the populace under the name "Citizens’ Committee to Save the Cable Cars".

In 1949, Agent Burton suggested writing a children's book, filled with specific info-hazards developed at Site 31 to prompt susceptibility to the already in-place amnestic and memetic safeguards at SCP-XXXX's containment site, further strengthening the perceived need for cable lines. This action was approved by Site 31's Ethics Committee liaison, Dr. Graham Ellis.