You don't know you have a Guardian Angel
If you did, there'd be a tear in your eye.
For I'm not here to save you from danger
And today is the day that you die.

My first duty is not to His creatures
I was born to further His PLAN.
I'm afraid it is simply my nature
Your fate's sealed 'fore your story began.

You've come to work in the darkness
'Fore you go, you turn to the sky.
P'raps you think of my Master's likeness
'Fore you turn to spit in his eye.

There's a tunnel, been dug to the bedrock
And down it, slowly you go.
To guard the key to the big lock
Of horrors that very few know.

Some say that his plan is airtight
To borrow your turn of phrase.
There is nothing that may hide from His light
No Time, past His end of days.

But really there's no perfect answer
Just keep chaos to a dull roar.
Yet His authority must go unchallenged
And you've done just a little bit more.

You thought that you could defy it
Weren't you told that pride is a Sin?
The Lord will do as he sees fit
It's no game, there's no lose or win.