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Item #: SCP-3518

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to incident 3518-A, SCP-3518 is to be kept in a 5m x 5m x 7m, with 3ft. thick concrete walls. Containment cell must be held suspended in a secondary cell, 16 ft. above the floor and 20 ft. from walls of outer cell. Containment cell is only accessible via drawbridge. Observation of SCP-3518 is only accessible via closed circuit video.

Description: SCP-3518 appears to be humanoid with race and gender unknown. SCP-3815 wears a tight white hazmat suite and a black GP-5 gas mask with dark lenses on its face. Scans of SCP-3518 show that skeletal structure, organs, nervous system, and blood vessels resemble that of Homo sapiens; however blood appears to be made up of extremely concentrated forms of ██████████ and hydrochloric acids. Other types of bodily fluid are either made of these acids or forms of deadly neurotoxins. SCP-3815 has 1 in. long pointed nails which poke through its gloves. When these nails break skin the following may occur:

Uncontrollable and excessive vomiting
Immense swelling in area of contact
Rapid decay in area of contact
██████████ and hydrochloric acid burns and in some cases mutilation by said acids
Blood clots
Skin cancer
Death by Myocardial infarction more commonly known as a heart attack

SCP-3518 was found in █████, Germany, SCP-3581 can speak fluent English, German, French, and Japanese. SCP-3518 is usually very cooperative and freely answers questions, but when asked more about its past it simply says “No.” If SCP-3518 feels threatened by onsite staff or security SCP-3518 will attack or defend itself by using its nails, emitting a gas that closely resembles Mustard or Anthrax gas, or spits sulfuric and hydrochloric acids from SCP-3518’s gas canister. How the gases are released and where they come from in regards to SCP-3518 is unknown.
SCP-3518 will lie in an inactive state from ██:██ pm to 11:50 am. During this time SCP-3518 will not move, speak or eat.

Incident: 3518-A
On October ██ SCP-3518 broke containment by melting the door of its cell. SCP-3518 was able to avoid armed personnel for several minutes by using its acid to melt through walls and floors. SCP-3518 was captured when it collapsed at site 3█. This outbreak killed 2 (two) armed guards and 3 (three) on site staff members. Due to this incident SCP-3518’s containment cell was modified to Administrator ██████████’s specifications.

Addendum: 35-18
Because of incident 3581-A we discovered that the acid SCP-3518 releases when threatened is its actual blood and appeared to have collapse from exhaustion. Other tests to prove this theory turn up conclusive.

Test 3518-336521
Date Feb. 22, 20██

Subject: SCP-3518
Procedure: D-336521 tries to wake SCP-3518 from catatonic state
Results: Death of D-336521
Analysis: When D-336521 got within 2 feet of SCP-3518, he started gasping for air and grabbing his neck before dropping dead in a matter of seconds. In this state SCP-3518 emits an unknown gas in a 2 foot radius.

Addendum: 3518-1
During a level alpha containment breach SCP-3518’s observational room was evacuated, but surveillance cams were still recording. The following conversation was recorded:

SCP-3518: “I don’t know what’s going on.”

[Low incomprehensible voice is heard]

SCP-3518: “They’re gone? What do you mean they’re gone?”

[Low imperceptible voice is heard]

SCP-3518: “No! We aren’t doing that again.”

[Low incomprehensible voice is heard]

SCP-3518: “Because you almost killed me last time. Plus we’re safe here."

[Low incomprehensible voice is heard]

SCP-3518: “No you are not in charge here this is my-"

[Low incomprehensible voice is heard]

SCP-3518: “Yes it is my body! Look, I rescued you from that fucking place. I could’ve kept walking and let you die, but no, I saved you cause you begged for my help.”

[Loud incomprehensible voice is heard]

SCP-3518: “Repaid me! Like hell you did! I rescued you and gave you form and you ‘repay me’ by turning my body into a walking fucking death trap!”

[SCP-3518’s movements become stiff and agitated]

SCP-3518: “I said no!”

[SCP-3518 ceases all movement]

[Low incomprehensible voice is heard]

SCP-3518: “Yes, yes I know, I know."

[Low incomprehensible voice is heard]

SCP-3518 “Ok fine, but until then don’t do anything stupid”

It appears that SCP-3518 was conversing with an unknown entity during the time of evacuation, and the conversation ceased once research staff re-entered the observation room. During this conversation SCP-3518 would look at its arm or point at its face. After further review and examination of the tape observers decided that SCP-3518 is being manipulated by this unknown entity, and reclassification was approved to be revised as such: SCP-3518-1=the host, SCP-3518= the Gas mask