Aester - SCP-Pilgor-J


Item #: SCP-Pilgor-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-Pilgor-J and it’s iterations are to be kept in their room and given 1 D-Class every 24 hours. If one escapes use Mountain Dew™ And Doritos™ to lure it back.

Description: SCP-Pilgor-J-A looks like an ordinary Alpine goat. SCP-Pilgor-J has a name tag that reads,”The Godmother, Pilgor.” SCP-Pilgor-J is highly aggressive to all non-goat life forms, mainly humans. If SCP-Pilgor-J-A stand on an object, it is incapable of being moved even in midair. It’s tongue can be attached to anything and is There are several different iterations of SCP-Pilgor-J: SCP-Pilgor-J-1 through SCP-Pilgor-J-15. All iterations are incapable of being harmed and go into a rag doll like state for approximately one second when they should be harmed. Its headbutt can break anything not attached to the ground. Every iteration does not require any form of sustanance it can eat any food however, it’s favorites being soda and chips It is adept at backflips,front flips, walking on its two front hooves, riding a bike and skateboard, driving a car, and running up walls. It can only do these for a short amount of time before falling or getting hit.

Discovery:SCP-Pilgor-J and SCP-Pilgor-J-B were found near the Coffe Stain Studios game company in Skövde, Sweden.

Addendum Pilgor-J-A: *Baa* - SCP-Pilgor-J-A

*What a cute little go- AH WHAT THE HELL! That little fucker!* - MTF ε-6 Soldier

SCP-Pilgor-J-B: A small medieval style tower with two holes and a thin spiral staircase around the outside. The bottom hole has a white furred goat, SCP-Pilgor-J-12, guarding a golden goat statue, The top hole is pitch black and no amount of light has been able to brighten it. All goats when fatigued or tired return to SCP-Pilgor-J-B. Only SCP-Pilgor-J and it’s iterations are capable of entering SCP-Pilgor-J-B. SCP-Pilgor-J-B is also incapable of being damaged. It seems to be a portal to a pocket dimension due to the size of the tower not being able to accommodate all 12 Iterations.

SCP-Pilgor-J-1 A highly aggressive and can create a cloud of red smoke that pulls all nearby objects and life forms to it. It is black with glowing red eyes and four large brown horns on its head pointing in opposite directions.

SCP-Pilgor-J-2 A peaceful and will not attack anything. It is white with glowing white eyes and a halo above its head. When falling it will move its legs and slowly float down to the ground.

SCP-Pilgor-J-3 Is much like SCP-Pilgor-J except it is wearing a goat skull and spawns goats randomly in the sky about 30 feet off the ground.

SCP-Pilgor-J-4 has 20 times the muscle mass of SCP-Pilgor-J and has some missing patches of fur.

SCP-Pilgor-J-5 has no visual differences but can eat anything it licks then will produce an egg similar to appearance and size to a watermelon that will explode after 3 seconds.

SCP-Pilgor-J-6 also looks similar to SCP-Pilgor-J but it’s baa knocks everything in front of it back and is about 100 decibels.

SCP-Pilgor-J-7 has a wooden mask covering its face with horns similar to a male deer. It is able to create small tornados that if full size would be a EF-3 on the Fujita scale.

SCP-Pilgor-J-8 is passive and wears a helmet identical to the musician DeadMou5. Dubstep Music will randomly play and anyone who hears it will be in a much better mood and start dancing.

SCP-Pilgor-J-9 is a blocky pixelated version SCP-Pilgor-J and can place pixelated 1m x 1m x 1m cubes of wooden planks, dirt with grass, or cobblestones by doing a head butt motion.

SCP-Pilgor-J-10 has glowing blue eyes,tongue,and a strange symbol on its sides. It’s tongue is able to stick to immovable objects. After it does so, it will pull itself to where it’s tongue is stuck.

SCP-Pilgor-J-11 has a clear dome with a pink base on its head and pink boots. It has the ability to disable gravity in its immediate vecinity.

SCP-Pilgor-J-12 Is a white goat with no special qualities. It will attack anything that tries to climb SCP-Pilgor-J-B until whatever it’s attacking falls.