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SCP-5066 in the state it was found before being recovered by the foundation

Item #: SCP-5066

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5066 is to be kept in a 12 cm x 12 cm x 5 cm metal box with removable top, welded together where the top would be. SCP-5066 is to not contact any biological tissue, human or animal, as to prevent the usage of the object.

The testing on SCP-5066 must be authorized by 3 Class-3 Personnel, with the accompaniment of 2 security personnel of the same clearance as well. Security is authorized to shoot and kill and biological material or persons in contact with the object (SCP-5066-1) either from the command of the Class-3 personnel or on their accord, if deemed necessary.

No testing on SCP-5066 is permitted with the exception of permittance of 2 05 Personnel authorization. Extreme Precautions should be taken when testing on SCP-5066, as to prevent a chain reaction of SCP-5066-1.

Description: SCP-5066 is a small rope tieback approximately 37 cm in length with strands at the ends. SCP-5066 is composed of 3 smaller cloth ropes wrapped around a center. SCP-5066 was found in a French household with reports of multiple disappearances of people ranging from ██ – ██. It was later found that the people were a family who had recently bought the household. The house dates to 1910, near to the ████████, which were the front lines during World War 1.

Composition of SCP-5066 is made from cotton, with the exception of an unknown biological tissue in the center of the rope. Carbon dating with small parts of SCP-5066 has revealed it is ███ years old, though it is unknown how many persons have been affected in this time period. Contact with any part of the rope causes the subject to transform into an instance of SCP-5066-1 over the course of ██ – ██ seconds.1 The Process is achieved by a flesh like wire wrapping around the "host" body, starting with the area used to make contact with SCP-5066.2

SCP-5066-1 is a Hostile amorphous mass of biological tissue, with limbs of the affected subject being placed randomly around the instance. SCP-5066-1 is vulnerable to gunfire, cuts, and any attacks that can harm an average human. Dissection of SCP-5066-1 before destruction has revealed it to contain the same amount of organs as it's host, down to missing organs such as kidney's and appendix's. The only exception to this is the skin, muscles, and bones. Conservation of Mass is not upheld during transformation, possibly due to a separate source of material not apparent to researchers, though further testing is required to test this hypothesis.

Contact with SCP-5066-1 does not possess the same effects of SCP-5066. Disposal of SCP-5066-1 should be any form of incineration that can effectively destroy all biological tissue of the instance.

Addendum: SCP-5066 was recovered in ████ through the use of remotely controlled drones to transport SCP-5066 to a holding container that could be held by SCP personnel. SCP-5066 is now held at Site-███, ████ kilometers from it's original point of retrieval.