SCP-4492 (Black Hole Caretaker)
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Item #: SCP-4492

Object Class: Safe Simpatico

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-4492's location and nature, physical means of containment are currently impossible. In 1984 The Parkes observatory twenty kilometers from the northern part of the Parkes town in New South Wales, Australia. It was once one of several to broadcast the moon landing for Apollo 11, Any transmissions received at this observatory must be redirected to Site-45 under the watchful eye of the Facility Overseer, O5-3, O5-6 & O5-9.

NASA & Foundation Satellites that have taken far away images of the planet that they later found out existed have not been able to detect it directly, although they theorized the possibility of detecting the radiation it blocks out from the black hole, but no attempt has made as of yet.

Description: SCP-4492 is a planet that orbits the super massive black hole in the middle of our Milky Way Galaxy. SCP-4492 has been observed to be a quarter the size of our own moon at around 868.55km (diameter), it has an atmosphere and carbon based life forms have been detected on the surface of this planet including one carbon-based life form that looks like a human being. The planet also seems to have anomalous abilities to partially control or affect the Super Massive Black Hole, how this is done is currently unknown and plans to question SCP-4492-1 about it if possible about it's anomalous effects.

The planet has one building that appears to be a house and an observatory with a large enough telescope that can be swiveled on it's base to turn in any direction. Contact was made with the human subject through what seems to have been an established high-bandwidth connection that appears to be at least 40 - 60 years ahead of current technology to even be counted as possible by today's standards. A possible connection to SCP-2000 has been hypothesized no further evidence has shown this to be true as of this moment. This has shown to be plausible due to recounts made by SCP-4492-1.

SCP-4492 Discovery Notes:

Addendum 4492-1a:

Document #4492-Initial-Log: First recorded transcript of conversation with SCP-4492-1: