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Item # | SBOX-1
Object Class: Sandbox
Special Sandbox Containment Procedures SBOX-1 is to be stored in the Site-19 canteen, due to its ability and the object is considered to have no dangerous properties.

Description: SBOX-1 is a glass, in the shape of a glass that best suits beer, and is approximately 12 ounces in capacity. The glass seems to refill with any liquid the person handling it desires. The object was discovered in 1976 in a Saizeriya restaurant in Singapore. After discovery by a person named [REDACTED], a 3a termination order was issued, terminating 3 persons at the place of discovery, to avoid outside knowledge from spreading. Attempts to destroy the object in any way, hydraulic press, melting, or high pressure have not shown any way to destroy the object. The object was formerly contained at Site-██.
The glass has been known to dispense:

Experiment Log SBOX-1-1
Handling of item by various SCP objects.
Results are:

  • SCP-049: Chemical used in SCP-049’s own experiments on humans. Liquid not consumed by SCP-049.
  • SCP-1761: Mango shake
  • SCP-007: Milo
  • SCP-1114: Poison
  • SCP-096: Milk

** SCP-096 Incident occured 3 minutes after
milk “appeared”.

SCP-096 Incident Log
December 2, 2015
Subject used: D-2847