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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe.

Special Containment Procedures: Outside of testing, SCP-XXXX is to be kept deactivated unless instructed otherwise within a low security area of Sight 28. SCP-XXXX is to have weekly checks for maintaince while deactivated. Any concerning incidents or observations should be reported to either Doctor Wynchroft or Researcher Rivergreen who have been placed in charge of SCP-XXXX's observation and testing. Any concerns about containment procedures should be sent to Sight 28's current Head of Containment.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a clockwork based Automaton controlled puppet booth which is separated into two sections. The upper section of SCP-XXXX has been constructed as a bronze man wearing a purple overcoat with red outlining and buttons. The coat itself is damaged from both age, and natural wear, containing several holes, tears, and breeches in the fabric. Sitting on top of SCP-XXXX's head is a black aged and faded bowler hat with a silver band encircling it. SCP-XXXX is controlled by a series of bronze clockwork gears which appear to be of a Victorian era design. SCP-XXXX can be activated via a bronze Windup key, this key has been given the designated name SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX-1 fits within a bronze key hole located on the upper section of the booth, it has been engraved with the phrase “TURN TO FIND THE PUPPETS MIND, LEARN WHAT IS GIVEN IN TIME.” SCP-XXXX claims that this is a cruel joke by its creator, and that it merely means his mind only runs for as long as he’s performing and active.

The facial area of SCP-XXXX is damaged by some form of blunt force. Due too the heavy amount of damage the facial rig has taken, the left eye is non operational, appearing stuck in the same position, unable to close or move. The left half of SCP-XXXX'S face is also chipped, missing a large section of paint and metal which should be located upon its left cheek. The mouth of SCP-XXXX is similar to that of a puppet in design, it appears unaffected by the heavy damage on SCP-XXXX's left side, being able to open and close. Although the mouth is not the source of SCP-XXXX’s voice, but instead for a more aethetic design. The source of SCP-XXXX'S voice is instead a gramophone like bell/opening within the center of its chest.

The lower section of SCP-XXXX is a stage like booth which is covered with a purple curtains with gold lining, for this reason it has been designated as the stage. Printed upon the stage curtains in black and red are the words “CLOCKWORK JACKS CUNNING CHILDREN’S CARNIVAL OF CHAOS”. Upon being activated SCP-XXXX will open up the purple curtains showing a fully set puppet stage, including a fully designed scene, lighting, and costumes for the puppets. The location where SCP-XXXX stores these objects is unknown, all attempts to discover said location have been met with stern objections from SCP-XXXX. When performing, SCP-XXXX will verbally object if any audience members attempt to interfere with the show via touching the stage, set, and puppets. SCP-XXXX however will not physically harm any interfering audience member, it will merely close the curtains and “close house”. Attempts at searching SCP-XXXX while deactivated for storage location have failed, possible connection to a pocket dimension of some sort has been theorized. Attempts at asking SCP-XXXX have been met with roundabout answers, often in the form of a riddle.

SCP-XXXX confirmed upon multiple occasions that it is an original product of the Herman Fuller's Circus Of The Disquieting. Although it states that it remembers little of the circus, never being a main act, instead being a side attraction in small areas outside of the circus. SCP-XXXX claims to also have been fully made by Herman Fuller, claiming that its primary purpose was to entertain children outside of the circus grounds, ones that couldn’t come to the circus due to money, time, and other restrictions. It has also claimed that, even though this was its primary purpose in life, its creator gave it a secondary purpose. Upon futher inquiring SCP-XXXX released information too its anomalous ability. According to SCP-XXXX, its intended purpose was to become a mental parasite, stealing the Childish delight of its audience, draining them of positive memories, thoughts, dreams, and ideas. (see interview xxxx-a,-b and Testing/Observation). SCP-XXXX has displayed no desire to leave the foundation’s protection/observation, or to return to the circus.