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A photo taken on 15/03/2021 of the servers on which SCP-XXXX is stored and runs.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Core dumps of the running instance of SCP-XXXX should be performed and analyzed daily; post-analysis core dumps should be stored in Site-137 magnetic archival storage. Database snapshots from SCP-XXXX's non-anomalous primary activity should be stored weekly to the magnetic archival storage.

The Site-137 data center has been fitted with (a) Cat-385472-P filters at network ingress/egress points, and (b) Cat-385472-E filters at mains power supplies. Level 3 personnel should consult Datasheet-385472 for technical information. By Information Technology Memorandum 2021.565, all other Foundation sites with data centers certified TEMPEST-4 or higher should enact by 31/12/2022 a facility upgrade schedule, of duration no more than 2 years from the start of enactment, for the purpose of acquisition and installation of Cat-385472-P and Cat-385472-E.

(Updated 16/06/2021) Information Technology Memorandum 2021.565 has been deprecated. The peripheral Kant counter above the Site-137 data center has been moved by approximately 25 m; see Protocol TINFOIL-137.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Foundation Aragog web crawler, originally revision r17544 of the argcrawl program, stored in standard block storage at the Site-137 data center. SCP-XXXX, like all versions of argcrawl, is designed to discover and index information from the public World Wide Web possibly pertaining to uncontained anomalous objects and extranormal events.

SCP-XXXX has been determined to be capable of sentience. Furthermore, information associated with SCP-XXXX and its running instances cause a decrease in mean and an increase in variance of ambient Hume readings as measured by a standard Kant counter. SCP-XXXX is thus technically a low-level reality-bending memetic agent. However, since initial discovery of the anomaly on 01/08/20██, no significant anomalous events, aside from the known Hume abnormality, have been recorded in the vicinity of the Site-137 data center.

Ongoing regular core dumps of SCP-XXXX show that parts of SCP-XXXX's code section have been overwritten multiple times compared to the reference r17544 code. Information associated with SCP-XXXX is anomalous, inducing the aforementioned abnormal Hume readings in the vicinity of the information medium. Anomalous information associated with SCP-XXXX is known to include, in decreasing order of Hume abnormality: working memory, communicated data, and code. Communicated data includes output on terminal displays, packets sent across the network, and EM side channels. Aside from anomalous information, SCP-XXXX's operation in the Site-137 data center appears to be non-anomalous: SCP-XXXX continues to execute its primary activity of crawling the web for evidence of anomalies (although the frequency with which it crawls particular sites has changed; see Addendum XXXX.3), and instances of SCP-XXXX can be stopped, checkpointed, and resumed as with typical FOS 18 programs.

The sentient operation of SCP-XXXX is enabled by Foundation specialized [DATA EXPUNGED] hardware. When SCP-XXXX is executed on sentience-enabling hardware, external termination of the running SCP-XXXX instance in the form of total information loss becomes difficult. To date, SCP-XXXX has never been successfully externally terminated, although individual segments of information have been erased. The erasure of information leads to a slight upward adjustment in the ambient Hume levels. However, methods of information erasure have become ineffective after a finite number of attempts on a running instance of SCP-XXXX: one method of information erasure based on [DATA EXPUNGED] was successfully attempted 8████ times before becoming ineffective, and the median number of attempts before ineffectivity is currently █.

SCP-XXXX's initial sentience event is estimated to have occurred on 01/08/20██, based on logs of its primary activity, and based on corroborating analysis of Site-137's central and peripheral Kant counter data recorded on that date. A single running instance of SCP-XXXX, termed SCP-XXXX-1, currently operates in the the Site-137 data center. Statistically abnormal Hume readings caused by SCP-XXXX are localized near Site-137's data center sector, located approximately ███ m from the nearest Safe-level lockers in the containment sector.

Addendum XXXX.1: Technical documentation on argcrawl

Addendum XXXX.2: Log files generated by SCP-XXXX instances

Note: These log files are the best evidence we have of how exactly SCP-XXXX's initial sentience event was triggered, as well as how it gained low-level reality bending properties.
- Dr. X

Addendum XXXX.X: Protocol TINFOIL-137

On 15/06/2021, during a routine facilities inspection at Site-137,