Agent Bond 'The Mango Realm'
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A package of SCP-3975 taken out of containment for testing.

Item #: SCP-3975

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Crates containing packages of SCP-3975 are to be kept in cold storage lockers to prolong the expiration date of 17/09/2018. As there is currently a limited stock, testing of SCP-3975 is to be approved by at least 2 research personnel with minimum Level 2 Security Clearance.

Description: SCP-3975 refers to enclosed 120g fresh fruit cups containing diced mangoes submerged in juice, branded 'SPC1Tropics'. These cups are contained in groups of four within small cardboard packages, which are in turn stored within 90x50x40 cm wooden crates.


The SPC Factory where the raid was conducted.

Recovery Log: A total of 36 crates of SCP-3975 were recovered following a raid at one of SPC's main food factories located in Cairns, Australia. The factory was found to be abandoned upon arrival of Foundation agents, although the fact that most products were missing suggested an evacuation of SPC's employees was conducted a short time prior to the raid.

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Communications recovered from Mr. Thompson's Phone:
Log 3244-A:

yo I got an idea


what if we didn't have to get up to get stuff from our fridges downstairs

Like rick and morty?

you know anyone who's good with portals and shit?

You heard of the jmen

shit yeah

Charles Boles

he got a number?

Dude still uses email.

old fart?

Yeah but like, be respectful, call him Mr. Boles

the fuck?

Just do it

fine what's his addy?

One second


that is an old person

Don't fuck this up for me. We need them for stuff somtimes

i won't, jesus get your panties out of a knot