SCP-3749: "The Null Sigil"
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Item #: SCP-3749

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3749-1 is to be housed in a standard humanoid housing cell located at Site 17. SCP-3749-1 is allowed to wander through the facility, and should be given the same clearance to information as a level 1 researcher. Despite this, SCP-3749-1 should not come into direct contact with any other SCP item outside of approved testing, or as otherwise noted in this section. Any instances of SCP-3749-2 are to be placed in the on-site armory, and are to be implanted with non-anomalous tracking devices, as well as a small explosive charge. They may be accessed by any personnel with level 3 clearance or higher. If one or more instance of SCP-3749-2 is removed from the armory, its removal must be documented. Once returned, the return of all instances of SCP-3749-2 must be documented. If an instance of SCP-3749-2 is missing, it should promptly be located using the tracking device. If said instance is in an area out of foundation control, the explosives encased in that instance of SCP-3749-2 are to be detonated. This detonation should result in no loss of life, but instead will merely warp the face of SCP-3749-2, rendering it non-anomalous.

Description: SCP-3749-1 is a blonde Caucasian male approximately 1.85 meters tall and 68 kg in weight, and approximately ██ years old, with blue eyes. SCP-3749-1 has a virtually infinite resistance to any and all anomalous memetic or biological agents. While it is immune to the anomalous effects of most SCPs, SCP-3749 can still be harmed by beings with anomalous properties. SCP-3749-1 was previously a Junior Researcher at the foundation, named █████████. Originally, the anomalous properties of SCP-3749-1 was originally thought to be merely an abnormally high memetic resistance. It wasn’t until breach incident █████████ at site ██. After being attacked a D-class personal infected by SCP-008, and surviving without any symptoms, SCP-3749-1’s anomalous abilities were first suspected. After observation, and through biological, physical, and physiological evaluation (to confirm that SCP-3749 was not a carrier of SCP-008), SCP-3749 was removed from quarantine. The containment team that was placed at the site then attempted to use a non-lethal memetic agent to incapacitate the subject, apparently forgetting the memetic resistance of the entity. However, the memetic attack would have been ultimately unnecessary, as SCP-3749 was extremely cooperative with the foundation staff.

While in quarantine, SCP-3749-1 was questioned by on-site researchers after twelve hours. The interview was performed via a microphone and speaker system, as contamination with SCP-008 was still suspected at the time. The interview is as follows:

SCP-3749-2 is an anomalous pattern that, when held be any living creature, grants a high increase in resistances similar to those displayed by SCP-3749-1, albeit at a significantly weakened capacity. If SCP-3749-1 did not create an instance of SCP-3749-2, the symbol will promptly fade, and any visual proof or memories of its shape will be corrupted or lost. However, when these are created by SCP-3749-1, the symbols do not fade, but visual proof and memories fade as previously mentioned. While an instance of SCP-3749-2 is in use, SCP-3749-1 seems to have an inherent sense of which direction the instance is. In addition, it has been noted that the more instances of SCP-3749-2 that exist, the weaker each of their effect becomes. This weakening also seems to extend to SCP-3749-1 as well. It should be of note that the weakening of memetic resistances does not seem to affect SCP-3749-1, regardless the number of instances of SCP-3749-2. Its other resistances, however, are affected.

After some consideration, instances of SCP-3749-2 are allowed to be distributed to MTF members that are likely to encounter a memetic agent.

Test logs:

*Summary:** Cross-testing of SCP-3749-1 and SCP-714
Observations: SCP-3749-1 is instructed to touch SCP-714, and promptly does so. SCP-714 is seen to begin shrinking to fit subject’s finger, but seems to shiver, and extremely small ripples can be seen on the ring as it ceases movement. The subject places the ring on his ring finger (fitting loosely), and is then tested for differences in memetic resistance levels. This section of testing proved inconclusive, as there seems to be no upward limit of SCP-3749-1’s memetic resistance. However, the usual exhaustion usually induced by SCP-714 did not manifest. Test concluded after five minutes of no further events occurring.