Agent DeathHunter
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Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures
When SCP-XXXX is not in use for Foundation operations, it must be contained in a standard humanoid room with a certain brand chess set. This chess set must be a board which, when observed by humans activates the human pieces represents flying sturgeons. Make sure SCP-XXXX uses this board, as it will go into a state of terminal depression. It can not be reasoned or communicated with during this state, and will make noises


SCP-XXXX manifests a humanoid creature encovered in a certain, un-impregnable metal made from a dense atom and unsearable cloth, making up what it calls its armor, and holds a scythe. It certainly serves its purpose, as in Test A, the armor resists electrocution, kinetic, rendering, incineration, and explosive attacks. A hood of the torn cloth covers up the face of the entity. Any attempts to analyse the components of the armor or any attempts to lift the hood are met with heavy resistance, verbal and physical. It is capable of speaking any language, but chooses to speak English in a British accent, prefers to be called “Death”, and refers to itself as a male and is prone to go into a sturgeon rant. It has a fetish for sturgeon, like the other three. When asked about its origins, it response is that it originated from a dark, dangerous place. Further promting causes faint whispers in a foreign language to be emanated from around the room. Death switches accents to a deep Russian, and murmurs “That is the place,” and sits in silence until the whispers stop. It then says no more about this subject, switching to speaking normally and about other somethings or going into a well planned sturgeon rant.

Use Procedures

If ever in the instance of either a low manpower situation or with site director approval, then SCP-XXXX will be called as an active agent. During this period as an active agent, SCP-XXXX will be given the required clearance level needed to operate and will be considered as a Class C operative. SCP-XXXX must be with an Fiundation operative at all times. Once the objective has been completed and the operation considered done, SCP-XXXX will be escorted back to its containment area, where it will be debriefed and wait for further instructions.


Due to interview A with SCP-XXXX, which drove Researchers A█████ ███████████ and J█████ █████████████ to near insanity and are under heavy care at [REDACTED], we will discontinue asking SCP-XXXX to give information through a mind dump.