Agent Fritz sandbox testing.
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX must be confined in an unilluminated room, which has to be in negative degrees. Its cell should be guarded by two personnel and have linked power in-case of an emergency. Researchers need to wear pitch-black hazmat suits to enter through the specific airlock. The surrounding area of the site must be fitted with the latest natural disaster prevention technology. It can only be accessed with Level 3 clearance and under-supervision of the site-manager. Suits to be checked before and after each testing and to be also annually renewed. Anyone who has been in contact with the artifact must be [REDACTED] or under high supervised care.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be 1-meter-long in length, brownish-black-coated, average-looking keyboard. The insides appear to have complex wiring with tangled wires tangled around keys and creating one of the most complexing technologies the SCP Foundation processes. The object can be plugged into a socket however through testing revealed no changes appear. It contains unidentified symbols on the object and has been traced back to the approximately 1800s, however, its origins are still unknown.


Testing must be granted by the site-manage. Before any D-Class enters for testing, guards will need to be on standby and 4 guards near the airlock entrance with non-lethal firearms. D-Class must be entered through the airlock normally, accompanied by a shielded guard. D-Class must be placed near the artifact and to begin the procedure. Before it begins, however, the accompanied guard must leave the cell immediately and seal the door.

First Phase:

The subject presented to the keyboard without any specialized equipment, start to get agitated, and then start to scratch their skin. During this phase, the encircling area begins with an unnoticeable earthquake which averagely measures 2 magnitudes.

Second Phase:

The subject now becomes more agitated and loses complete control. All subjects tested lost control, collapsed on the floor. During this phase, the already affected area increases to approximately 6 magnitude earthquakes, however, no long-lasting damage appears to happen.

Third Stage:

The subject then regains control, however, it appears to be under the control of the artifact. The subject then demands to be let by the staff in a remorseful voice. No testing was made beyond this phase, the individual in all scenarios gets terminated by the on-site guards. Its body incinerated. Earthquake appears (after the termination) to settle and reverse the minor damage it caused.

Fourth Stage:

It's been predicted by the on-site researchers that once the Fourth Stage, it would cause a catastrophic event. One subject who has "recovered" from the event had stated, "I saw a gleaming light arise from the sunset, a second sun. It collided with our sun and caused the ground to swallow me." The current subject is undergoing [REDACTED].

Addendum XXXX.1: Discovery: It was discovered after numerous earthquakes were documented in the town of [REDACTED]. The artifact was found in approximately 14 feet in height capsule 20 meters underneath a Catholic Church. It was accidentally discovered through another earthquake which tore a hole towards the capsule.

Inside was humid, with temperatures sometimes peaking at 25° C, dark-green plants surrounded the interior walls, and it hung from the ceiling. In the middle held upon a pedestal made of the plant, as SCP-XXXX. It has been assumed, through research, to be untouched since the beginning of humankind.

SCP-XXXX-2 is vegetation that can live without sunlight or water. Although not requiring the basic needs, it can reproduce rapidly in humid temperatures. If humid temperatures don't meet, the cells in the plant are observed to die out gradually.

██/██/2019: During the excavation of the capsule, all (19) crew members fell ill and had to abort the mission. The illness has yet to be identified, as the leading researchers are ill too. However, it's been predicted that it's an extraterrestrial disease, origins from the capsule.

██/██/2019: Capsule received and experts on the field begin to examine it in greater detail. During this event, however, the experts have suddenly aborted the mission without hesitation. Interviews prove nothing.

12/10/2019: Experts revisit the capsule this time concluding that there is nothing to salvage. However, researchers are experimenting with the on-board plant and several other materials to find out their origins.

5/10/2020: Accident - ████

The capsule had reached humid levels and started reproducing plant-forms. This time now producing instance SCP-XXXX-3 a small creature that feeds off the plant and rapidly grows to 32cms in height. The creatures appear to be made out of SCP-XXXX-2 however are now sentient and can move by themselves. Researcher - Hans Robert who discovered them by accident had also [REDACTED]. Hans after the following incident to be dead, with SCP-XXXX-2 sprouting out of him.

Addendum XXXX.2: Post-Interview:

Foreword: Before the interview starts, the subject is extremely nervous and has signs of extreme paranoia

Interviewee: D-34453543

Interviewer: Dr. P Clockwork

[Begin Log]

D-34453543: Do you know what that… thing does? It does something, that's what I can tell you! It inhabits your thoughts, changes them, gives you… these annoying looking eyes. Eyes that follow you…

Dr. P Clockwork: Yes, we know this however we are here to answer more "simpler" questions. What is it like being under-control by this SCP?

D-34453543: It's complicated. A mist surrounded me… a dark one. I felt agony whilst I saw myself doing these tasks with no control. When I regained control something was left behind. Something… I don't know.

Dr. P Clockwork: All right, second que-

D-34453543: What with this idiotic play… why can't men today help themselves to freedom? Why be enforced? Why you stop talking?

Dr. P Clockwork: Excuse me? What was that all about?

D-34453543: What are you talking about? An remnant of me lives on in him, there is no cure. Hello?

Dr. P Clockwork: I think we gathered enough information we will keep in contac-

D-34453543: See you next time… Are we still recording? Oh, we are. Okey?

Dr. P Clockwork: Enough. Cut the came-

[End Log]

Closing Statement: The subject (D-34453543) appears to still be under control by the SCP-XXXX, however, its intentions are unclear. Further testing shall be required to proceed.

**Addendum XXXX.3: