Agent Fuse
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to have a perimeter set around it. Any instances of SCP-XXXX-A attempting to leave the perimeter must be escorted back, with force if necessary. Personnel are not allowed to converse with any instances of SCP-XXXX-A outside of interviews. Exploration of SCP-XXXX to locate the 'community' must be requested from 05 Council. Any further exploration of SCP-XXXX is prohibited by 05 Council due to repeated losses.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a bowl-shaped valley in northern Utah, U.S.A. The area inside the valley is a forest with a large lake in the Northwest corner of the valley. An 18m wide river stretches from the lake to the Southeast corner of the valley, continuing into a series of natural underground tunnels. The tunnels continue to places they shouldn't exist, including going directly underneath Salt Lake City, despite seismic readings showing no existence of these tunnels. Several rudimentary huts can be found around the valley, with little furniture, no electricity and plenty of crops used as food by instances of SCP-XXXX-A.

Every 5 days, a group of four humanoids will emerge from the tunnel, referred to as SCP-XXXX-A collectively. Gender, height and body type varies, though each instance of SCP-XXXX-A wears a blue jumpsuit. Instances of SCP-XXXX-A will begin to work in the valley with various activities, including construction, agriculture, and fishing. Instances of SCP-XXXX-A will occasionally begin to converse with Foundation personnel observing them. SCP-XXXX-A instances will talk in various languages, though English is most common. Often, SCP-XXXX-A will mention their 'community' growing. After 4 days of working, the four instances of SCP-XXXX-A will go back into the tunnel. A day later, four more instances of SCP-XXXX-A will come from the tunnel and repeat similar activities. Each group of SCP-XXXX-A varies from the previous group.

Any attempt to follow a group of SCP-XXXX-A into the tunnels leads to communication being cut off from the exploration team. Before each team is lost, they all make some mention of the 'community' that SCP-XXXX-A speaks of. It is suggested that this 'community' does indeed exist, though no visual evidence has been found. As of Expedition #3, this 'community' has become hostile, attacking the third expedition team. Due to this, exploration of SCP-XXXX is now prohibited by the 05 Council.

Addendum XXXX-1: Exploration Logs