Item #:

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Specimen must be kept below 97.3 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent enlargement. When in “enlargened” form, specimen is more hostile, and likely to attach to the nearest female, however this specimen will attach to a male if it becomes desperate. Specimen will also attach to meat items and animals if there is no other option. In cold environments, specimen shrinks and is less likely to be aggressive towards humans. In the specimen’s “flaccid” form, the specimen is less likely to attach to humans and will prefer to be solitary. When feeding specimen, all personnel must be in a suit that is coated in chili oils. The specimen is to be only fed vegetarian mush, as being fed meat results in attachment. Specimen is also to be held down as to prevent self-pleasure, as this can result in the specimen entering “enlargened” form, and in rare forms “euphoric” form. While in “euphoric” form, the specimen gains the ability to shoot close-range blasts of fluid, and is able to instantly attach to any living organism, or bi-product of any living organism. In the occasion that this specimen attaches to an organism or food item, it must be shown a more able female organism in a chili suit. This will cause the specimen to attempt to transfer, regardless of chili suit. If major injury is sustained to STD through this method, it is to be kept in a temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit until it has healed.
If the specimen is showing aggressive behavior, mild pleasure should be administered to put it in a better behavior.

Description: Specimen appears to be a male reproductive organ measuring 10 inches long. Although appearing to be a regular organism, this specimen is a parasite that feeds off of the sexual fluid and blood of its host. While more compatible with human hosts, in times of starvation, it will feed off of animal fluids and in major starvation cases, vegetables and fruits. After approximately 2 weeks of drainage, the specimen will switch to a different organism in order to survive through sexual inter course. The previous organism will die and if it is a male, the original organ will become a parasite with the memories of the host. Due to memory retention, these parasites are likely to kill their own kind out of spite. While in possession of a host the parasite will transfer their consciousness into the organ, and create hormones that make the host organism incapable of thinking about anything other than reproduction. Upon investigation, biologically this specimen is a sentient penis, meaning that it is weak to chili oils, and creates great pain to the specimen. This also illustrates that without stimulation, the specimen will not become “enlargened” or “euphoric” so the specimen must be kept within the parememters of which a human would not form an erection.

Reference: To date, this specimen is responsible for 5 removals of human life, and the STD species has a confirmed 497 kills. The species has also formed colonies out of the organisms that are targeting humans and not organisms within their own species. The species in general has the intelligence of an average human and seems to kill not only out of need, but also out of sport.