Little to nothing is known about this SCP because it is either too reclusive or too smart to leave enough evidence behind for agents to investigate. Only a few sightings have been reported over the years, but aside from the fact that there wasn't anyone in the general vicinity to call staff, the reports are proof that there's something going on that the Foundation would like to monitor. It is assumed that the only civilian who was found near any of the reports could be an SCP, but it is unknown whether the individual in question is related to SCP[[REDACTED]], which he has claimed to be his son.

Field Agent Morovsky tried to bring the individual in for questioning on several occasions but it was as though he had never even been present; every time an SCP Foundation member would bring his/her eyes off Morovsky and no one was watching he would just get up and walk off as though he weren't handcuffed (and he was up until that moment).

It is assumed that the SCP is a hoax until proven otherwise because all evidence points to such an assumption. Unless the civilian is the SCP in another form, it is generally unlikely that it exists at all.