Agent Zak

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid Note: Keter is still being decided.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a standard 64m3 containment chamber located on Floor-23 of Site-50. Containment door is to be plated with reinforced steel and soundproof covering the exterior region of the cell. Containment Chamber is to be hung 10 meters from the ceiling using four steel columns connecting each corner (columns are measured 5 x 5 meters in width and length). Containment Chamber must be checked every week by two Clearance Level 2 personnel. Containment entrance is restricted to Clearance Level 4 Clearance and direct access to the SCP is prohibited unless testing granted 7/13 votes by the OVERSEER COUNCIL. In cases of breaches MTF Epsilon-00 "Zero Gravity" are to be deployed and all personnel evacuated. Dr. Coyote is in charge of SCP-XXXX's Security Teams Dr. Swanson has replaced Coyote and Coyote has been transferred off-site after Incident X-X09-DELTA.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid object in a male physique. Object has black hair measure .75 meters down the front of the face with blue retinal. Body seems to have faded in muscle and fat, decreasing body weight to 19.05 kilograms (43 pounds) and body fat at 18% and decreasing regardless of amount of food digested. Currently no other body hair has been recognized other than top hair and no genital traces have been found, gender currently unconfirmed. Object ranges from 34 to 1,305 years of age and no signs of organ or bodily failure. Currently SCP-XXXX has been chained up to the wall with a large gag entering down half way to the throat, attempts at removing vocal cords or tongue have failed as they've regenerated.

In the event of XXXX-O, SCP-XXXX will emit a high ratio scream noted at [REDACTED] pitch, causing all surrounding living entities in a 10 kilometer radius to begin tearing out lungs and digestive organs without stop (now noted SCP-XXXX-1 through -1001). Longest scream noted at 15.3 seconds. It has not yet been noted if SCP-XXXX screams at random or if an emotional event triggers the reaction. No interview nor research into subject has revealed the origin of the SCPs abilities nor anything social such as name, date of birth, or any family. Any attempted interviews have failed in either SCP-XXXX-O events or failure to understand morse code.

SCP-XXXX was found and contained at a farm after MTF Iota-10 were investigating a mass murder of multiple families in the town of [REDACTED]. SCP-XXXX was allocated by Iota-10 when Incident X-X02-FOXTROT was activated causing 90% of the teams exposure causing 9 fatalities. MTF Epsilon-00 "Zero Gravity" were dispatched and contained SCP-XXXX without resistance.

Incident X-X09-DELTA: Dr. Coyote was noted to have triggered an alarm of SCP-XXXX's Containment and removing SCP-XXXX's restraints and gag, then violently assaulting SCP-XXXX causing SCP-XXXX to emit SCP-XXXX-O Event. Resulting in total Site Failure and over ██ SCP Breaches, with over 99% of Foundation Casualties. MTF Epsilon-00 "Zero Gravity" was deployed and recontained 95% of SCP's except [REDACTED] which disappeared shortly after containment door was breached. It has been noted Coyote was removed from Foundation Employment due to a relationship with a staff member unidentified who died in the incident. Coyote was transferred to Site-88 and interrogated, then terminated volunteered in an SCP Feeding. -O5-██


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