Agent Bond 'The Penguin Disease'
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US Research Outpost 57. Photographed on 14/02/1985.

Item #: SCP-3982

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As there is no known method to relocate SCP-3982, it is to be contained on site, surrounded by a circular perimeter fence covering an area of approximately 40 km in diameter. The fence is 15 metres in height and is to be electrified on a yearly basis between the dates June 3-July 19, to prevent SCP-3982-A escape attempts. Guard towers are constructed approximately 5 km apart around this perimeter and are to be occupied with security personnel between June 3-July 19. All instances of SCP-3982-A are to be shot on sight. No personnel are to be allowed within the perimeter's 'Red Zone' between June 3-July 19. Any sightings of SCP-3982-B are to be reported to Dr. R. McMurphy as soon as possible.

Non-Foundation personnel approaching the site are to be detained, questioned and released after being given a Class-A amnestic.

Description: SCP-3982 is an anomalous weather phenomenon that occurs in Antarctica, manifesting between June 3-July 19 each year. The weather phenomenon has been determined to be roughly circular in the affected area and has a diameter of approximately 38 km. The centre of SCP-3982 is located at ██° ██′ ██″ S, ███° ██′ ██″ E, the location of the now demolished Outpost 57. SCP-3982 effects include the temperature decreasing to an abnormally low level, as well as a constant precipitation of snow. In addition, the terrain affected by SCP-3982 becomes increasingly difficult to transverse, involving the manifestation of crevasses, frozen lakes with fragile surfaces and partially collapsed underground pits that were previously nonexistent. Blizzards in the SCP-3982 region can reach up to 210 km/h as well as average temperature ranging from -65ºC to -150ºC1. In addition, communication via radio and video transmissions are rendered inoperable within SCP-3982.

More significantly, SCP-3982 has the ability to materialise instances known as SCP-3982-A. SCP-3982-A is a previously unknown species of Spheniscidae2 that are measured to be on average, 25 cm in height and bear a physical resemblance to stuffed penguins. SCP-3982-A do not reproduce either sexually or asexually, as close observation suggests they only manifest during SCP-3982 occurrences. Furthermore, SCP-3982-A instances are virtually identical in appearance, with minor variations in height or waistline. Each instance also wears a red scarf that can only be removed surgically. Closer inspection reveals small blue text in an unknown language sewn to the scarf, although Foundation linguists have determined that the symbols bear a ██% resemblance to Russian. SCP-3982-A do not require sustenance or sleep to survive, although they have an unexplained desire to consume meat from homo sapiens. Instances typically show aggressive behaviour towards humans and will attempt to approach them in a speed that is slightly faster than what should be anatomically possible with their feet. Instances also demonstrate an ability to secrete a clear substance from the underside of their flippers, allowing them to adhere to and scale vertical surfaces. In addition, SCP-3982-A will attempt to escape the SCP-3982 affected region, leading to the execution of current containment procedures.

SCP-3982-A are capable in producing unique vocalisations, presumably for communication between members of their species. Autopsy of an instance has revealed the surface layer to be composed of synthetic fibre and cotton, while examination of the interior has revealed a functioning circulatory, respiratory and nervous system, composed of organic tissue. As instances lack a digestive system, it is currently unexplained where the consumed material is led to. An experiment was conducted in which a D-Class personnel surgically implanted with a GPS tracker was instructed to interact with a small colony of SCP-3982-A. One of the instances regurgitated the GPS tracker after consumption of the D-Class.

After July 19, the date in which SCP-3982 concludes, surviving SCP-3982-A instances will demanifest along with the anomalous terrain and weather, reverting to normal Antarctic topography and climate.


An instance of SCP-3982-A in Outpost 57. Polaroid taken circa 1986.

Recovery Log: SCP-3982 was first discovered on 25/07/1986, when an American rescue team responded to a distress signal sent by Outpost 57 five days prior. When arriving at the location, the rescue team discovered the frozen remains of the outpost. The outpost appeared to have collapsed, although a large amount of shrapnel found scattered around the location suggested the base had been destroyed with explosives. On closer inspection of the outpost, rescuers found what appeared to be dried blood on the snow near the utility hut. DNA analysis of the blood revealed it matched no known species living on Antarctica, including the missing personnel that lived in Outpost 57. This led to the Foundation becoming notified of the situation and their takeover of the operation. The rescue team was given Class-A amnestics and a cover story was released, stating the missing personnel were killed in a blizzard that destroyed the outpost, their bodies being unrecoverable.

A helicopter survey of the surrounding area uncovered a small brown leather journal that lay on the ground roughly 3km away from Outpost 57. The ground where the journal laid was bare, exposing rock, whereas the area surrounding it was covered in a dense layer of snow, leading to the effortless discovery of the journal. Analysis of the journal revealed it belonged to Max Bolton, an employee of the National American Research Institute (NARI), who was one of the personnel assigned to Outpost 57. A Polaroid photo was found wedged between the last page and the back cover, depicting a SCP-3982-A instance (picture shown above).

It was not until the following winter in 1987, that Foundation researchers became aware of SCP-3982's anomalous weather and the manifestation of SCP-3982-A instances. Exploration and research conducted in the area led to 39 casualties and 17 injuries of personnel due to both the anomalous terrain and aggression of SCP-3982-A. Consequently, a large-scale operation was conducted by Dr. R. McMurphy in constructing a circular perimeter fence around the affected area, beginning in September 1987 and finishing in February 1989. Improvements made in both safety and understanding of SCP-3982's effects led to a reduced casualty rate of personnel during the 1988 manifestation, when the perimeter was still under construction.

The following attached file was taken from the NARI Headquarters in San Francisco by an embedded Foundation agent. The information was extracted using a floppy disk and consists of details regarding the 12 missing personnel assigned to Outpost 57.

Incident 3982-A: On 16/07/1989, a guard stationed at one of the perimeter towers noticed a large group of SCP-3982-A approaching the fence, having exited the SCP-3982 affected region. Several instances attempted to climb the fence, but were instantly terminated as the perimeter was electrified. After several more failed attempts to escape in this method, surviving instances retreated to a short distance away from the fence. Instances then climbed on top of each other, standing feet on head as they formed a tower. Approximately 60 instances completed the tower, which now reached the height of the fence. Instances were promptly terminated by the guard's 50-cal FN MAG gun turret.

It was later theorised by researchers that the instances were behaviourally adapting to their situation and rather than risk electrocution, had planned to stack on top of each other to escape over the fence.

Addendum 3982-01: