Air_Ford's SCP Ideas

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept inside of a standard anomalous entity container that is no less than 20m x 20m x 20m large. A constant flow of what would widely be considered "waste," "trash," or "garbage" that is smaller than a 62 cm sided cube may be transferred into the containment cell by way of the waste chutes located around site 14. These chutes are labeled "SCP-XXXX Disposal Chute" and are directly connected to SCP-XXXX's containment cell. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to what is able to be thrown away into SCP-XXXX's containment cell.1 SCP-XXXX is not to be used for personal purposes.

SCP-XXXX's exterior cell door is to be guarded by 1 standard armed guard with hearing protection whenever SCP-XXXX is in its active state. Level 03 clearance is required to perform tests on SCP-XXXX and to enter SCP-XXXX's containment cell. If SCP-XXXX is in its active state, no one is to approach, make contact with, or speak to SCP-XXXX for risk of interrupting SCP-XXXX's work. If SCP-XXXX's work is interrupted, the subject that caused the interruption must leave SCP-XXXX's cell immediately.

Addition to Containment Procedures: No one under any circumstances is allowed to enter SCP-XXXX's cell without proper and thorough sanitization. A sanitization station has been set up in front of the entrance to SCP-XXXX's containment. All personnel that are required to interact with SCP-XXXX must go through the station to avoid more incidences.2

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to a system of large appendages that sprout from a central pod-like organism. SCP-XXXX's interior is made out of a material that has human tissue mixed with an unknown metal alloy that contains traces of steel, lead, and ██████. The interior of SCP-XXXX has no mechanical elements and is mostly comprised of muscles made from the aforementioned human/metal alloy material. SCP-XXXX has no internal organs except for a brain and a nervous system similar to that of a human brain. The brain inside SCP-XXXX is ~3 times smaller than a normal human brain. It is unclear if SCP-XXXX is an artificial intelligence, sapient, or sentient.

The appendages that sprout from SCP-XXXX are varying in length and amount of fingers at the end of each appendage.3 SCP-XXXX uses these appendages for mobility. The fingers at the end of each appendage are anatomically similar to that of an average human. The range of lengths of the appendages is 2.5 meters to 13.6 meters. Some appendages have as little as 2 fingers, while others have up to 25. The appendages and attached fingers have skin made out of a material similar to plastic and is colored light turquoise.

The central pod of SCP-XXXX has the same skin tissue as the appendages, but it is colored a bright yellow hue. The pod measures at 78cm in diameter and 97cm tall and is roughly shaped like a chicken's (gallus gallus domesticus) egg. The pod possesses 1 bulbous eye that measures at 43 cm in diameter. On the opposite side of the eye, there is some text that is tattooed into the skin.

The text reads:

Autonomous ████ Test #33 DEFECTIVE

SCP-XXXX is only active in the presence of materials widely considered as "waste," "trash," or "garbage."4 SCP-XXXX is able to pick up any such waste no matter its weight. A bright purple light emits from SCP-XXXX's central pod when SCP-XXXX is active. When SCP-XXXX is active, the top of the central pod will open like an aperture which allows for more light to escape. The hole in top of the pod has a diameter of 62cm. All attempts to reach into the opening in SCP-XXXX have been met with failure. SCP-XXXX does have a sense of self hygiene (See test XXXX-C).

SCP-XXXX will start to pick up any items of waste that it finds with its appendages in its proximity and proceeds to put the waste in the top of its central pod. SCP-XXXX can presumably throw away an infinite amount of waste because of the sheer amount used when testing SCP-XXXX's abilities. When SCP-XXXX is done with it's duties, an audio clip will play from the closest device capable of emitting sound.5 SCP-XXXX has a voice that can be described as posh, sophisticated or uppity with a light British accent.6

The audio clip says:

"I'm All done Dr. ███████.7 What shall I do next?"

If SCP-XXXX has received no new commands in 5 minutes, it will deactivate. In its inactive state, the appendages of SCP-XXXX will go limp, its eye will close, and the pod will fall over because of its rounded shape.

If SCP-XXXX is interrupted during its active state, the light, pod, and appendages will turn a bright red. SCP-XXXX will turn to face the cause of the delay and will proceed to assume a threatening position if the interruption, in question, is a living entity. SCP-XXXX will play an audio clip through the closest device capable of playing audio. The voice in the clip sounds agitated and has a low pitch.

The audio clip says:

"What have I told you about interrupting my work?"

SCP-XXXX will stay colored red until the subject that caused the delay leaves. If the subject does not leave, SCP-XXXX will proceed to get closer to the subject as an intimidation tactic and will start to make a shrill screaming sound until the subject leaves the premises. If the subject continues to stay, the sounds emitted from SCP-XXXX will eventually rupture the subject's ear drums. SCP-XXXX will immediately stop transmitting sound and turn back to its original colors. SCP-XXXX will respond by playing another audio clip.

The audio clip says:

"Oh my goodness! Are you alright? I didn't mean for it to go this far! I'm terribly sorry for any distress caused by my attitude."

After the audio clip is done, SCP-XXXX will immediately deactivate, and stay in its deactivated state for up to 2 weeks.

SCP-XXXX Addenda

SCP-XXXX Test Logs

"It seems that Dr. ███████ either got a bit too lonely, too old, or he got a bit too curious. Either way, he's created something that only a madman could create."

- Dr. Farfield