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Image of SCP-3363 uncapped

Item #: SCP-3363

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-3363’s hazardous nature of transcription and continued use, it is to be held in a secure box, with access to it only granted to those with a level 3 or higher clearance level for testing. All resulting transcriptions are to be submitted to the Linguistic Analysis branch of the SCP Research command for further analysis.

Description: SCP-3363 is a red fountain pen that has a length of 13.5cm and a diameter of 12mm. The pen has a notably sharpened silver nib along with silver linings on the points of normal separation for a fountain pen of similar build to SCP-3363. However, it is not able to be opened or deconstructed except on the cap that reveals the nib. The pen is a look-alike to an Emperor-brand fountain pen, while not having any marks or identification as to identify its manufacturer or company.

Material analysis and extended testing of SCP-3363 on D-7459 has shown, up until their expiration on ██/██/████, that SCP-3363's exhibited properties are-

  1. SCP-3363 is incapable of being taken apart to observe its internal mechanisms along its linings or through brute force extraction of its contents. See SCP-3363 Material Analysis Report for more details.
  2. SCP-3363's nib is observed to not puncture the medium that it is writing on when it is in its active state, with the exception of liquids and gases.
  3. The pen expends human red blood cells as its ink source, and that the blood type(s) exhibited are inconsistent with the findings of anomalous property #4.
  4. Post analysis DNA fingerprinting has concluded that the red blood cells originate from the subject that used the pen, as blood volume analysis before and after using SCP-3363 has shown that the amount of blood used by SCP-3363 is consistent with the reduction in blood volume in D-7459. Note: It is currently unknown at this time how SCP-3363 extracts and outputs the blood of its user.
  5. SCP-3363 is reported to "activate” when the subject consciously decides that they want to write, at which point, SCP-3363 takes control over the subject’s hand while writing, and is reported to “deactivate” when the subject decides that they do not want to continue writing. The subject's inhibition to decide when to write and when to stop is slowly weakens the longer that they use it.
  6. SCP-3363 causes its user to become more focused on its use to the point of obsession. D-7459 has reportedly become “extremely tense and rebellious” the longer they went without using SCP-3363 during the later stages of their testing. See Interview Log 04 for more information. All instances of test subjects being affected by SCP-3363’s anomalous effects are to be deemed SCP-3363-(3-x).
  7. The output of SCP-3363 is a script that is not believed to be linked to any recorded language, and is currently undergoing analysis. It will be designated as SCP-3363-1. It is unclear if SCP-3363-1 bears a connection to what the subject intended to write.

SCP-3363-1 is said to be a complex script of a currently unknown language. Its writing is that of exceedingly precise glyphs (relative to natural languages) in amounts of space that have been observed to be as small as 4 centimeters. It is speculated that this is to increase information density of the text so as to reduce the amount of blood loss to the user. Whether or not it is a man-made construct is not confirmed at this time. See Linguistic Analysis Testing Results for more details.

Addendum 3363-a: SCP-3363 was brought to the attention of the Foundation after a second year Polish Harvard student, █████ ████████████████████, was found dead in their dorm due to anemia. Autopsy has revealed that the anemia was caused by a gradual reduction of the student’s red blood cell quantity over an extended period of time.

SCP-3363 and ███ instances of SCP-3363-1 were found scattered across student’s dorm room. Attempts have been made, but none have been successful in finding records of SCP-3363 (See SCP-3363 Material Analysis Results) and of the student before their enrollment in Harvard on ██/██/████. DNA fingerprinting of the student has shown no connection to any family lineage or heritage. Due to the lack of traceability of the student, they are to be deemed SCP-3363-2.

Interviews with the friends and acquaintances of SCP-3363-2 have shown that they were unaware of the anomalous traits of both SCP-3363 and SCP-3363-2 (See Interview Log 04).

Linguistic Testing Analysis Results: Linguistic analysis has shown that SCP-3363-1 is similar to human-like languages, but has several key distinctions that prevent it from being a naturally occurring instance of language. Those distinctions include, but are not limited to-

  • A standard word order (SOV), although more data suggests that it can change according to currently unknown rules/patterns.
  • A high information to morpheme density, similar to that of the constructed language Ithkuil, and bordering on an encrypted code, due to its complexity.
  • A lack of repeating glyphs, with each of the thousands of observed glyphs being unique to each other. It should be noted that SCP-3363-1 is not a logography, as the script shows undeniably abugida-like properties.
  • A perfect adherence to the rule of Zipf’s law, which suggests that it must have been computer generated for it to have been man-made.
  • A largely inconsistent handwriting style and script size, ranging from glyphs of 4 centimeters in predicted area to a glyph of 2 decimeters. Handwriting style has ranged from descriptions of [DATA REDACTED] within centimeters of each other. It is currently under analysis as to whether or not these style changes have an effect on the meaning of the text of SCP-3363-1.
  • Analysis of the blood across pages shows that different blood types are expressed based on similar looking sets of glyphs. The blood types have shown to vary from [DATA REDACTED], despite coming from the same biological being. Research is currently ongoing to this effect with D-Class subjects.1

SCP-3363 Material Analysis Results: Despite extensive testing and resources being put into the analysis of the materials of SCP-3363, no conclusive results have been found. Taking apart the pen has proven to be physically impossible, only resulting in hardware damage to all of the machinery that have attempted to open it.

All forms of analysis, which include [DATA REDACTED] have shown inconclusive and contradictory results with each new testing. It should also be noted that the nib, which has been specifically noted for its sharpness, does not, under any currently seen circumstances, cut through the medium on which it is writing, as testing has shown. However, it does not exhibit the same quality when SCP-3363 is inactive.

Interview Log 04:

Interviewed: █████ █████, friend of SCP-3363-2

Interviewer: Dr. M███████

Foreword: Date- ██/██/████, █████ █████ was brought in for questioning about SCP-3363-2, after claiming to be familiar with SCP-3363-2, and will be asked a series of questions by the interviewer, Dr. M███████. It should be noted that █████ █████ was particularly upset by the news regarding SCP-3363-2.

<Begin Log>

Dr. M███████: When did you first meet █████ ████████████████████?

█████ █████: (Noticeably disengaged) Uhh, oh yeah, I met her about a month or so into my freshman year in Harvard, it was, I think…, during a party.

Dr. M███████: How long have you and █████ been friends?

█████ █████: I think we’ve been friends for about, one and a half years, although that’s a rough estimate.

Dr. M███████: Describe your relationship with █████.

█████ █████: We were good friends, we shared two classes together, advertising law and advanced interpretation of law and language, very exciting topics, as I assume you can imagine, we both had interest in becoming involved in advertising, mainly for the psychology behind it.

Dr. M███████: I see, I take it that she was majoring in law, do tell me if I’m wrong. Do you know of any other courses that █████ took?

█████ █████: No, not really, we never really talked about any of our other classes, mainly just about the classes that we did have together.

Dr. M███████: Describe the personality of █████.

█████ █████: She was very jovial and outgoing when I first met her, like you could always talk to her, and she would have something to say that would make you feel better, but over time, she sort of, umm, kind of went into a shell, became harder to reach, and became noticeably paler and more sickly over time, it was really sad to watch, I tried to get her help and comfort her, but she would always refuse, I think it might be because of that project she was doing.

Dr. M███████: (Interested) Please, go on.

█████ █████: Yeah… it seemed like she got engulfed in a sort of “personal project”, as she called it, so I never really started to question her about it, but maybe I should have, she started to really obsess over it until the point where her grades sharply dropped and even had discussions with on-campus counselors to discuss the possibility of failing. But I never would’ve guessed that she would, uhh, (Slows down) yeah…

Dr. M███████: Well, I forgot to mention, but sorry for your loss. I have one more question, and you can refuse to answer, but it will help use figure out the exact cause sooner. So, did you ever happen to see her with a red fountain pen?

█████ █████: (Confused) What? What does that have to with anything?

Dr. M███████: Please, do answer the question, we will explain everything to you after the interview is concluded.

█████ █████: It does ring a bell, but I don’t think I remember it very clearly. I saw it one time I went to her dorm room to hang out with her, I only remember it because of how it looked, super fancy, I think. I mentioned it to █████, but she quickly put it away and didn’t say anything about it, then or anytime else.

Dr. M███████: That is all for now, thank you very much for your input, a guard will escort you out of here and they will explain what we have concluded so far.

█████ █████: Thank you, Dr. M███████

(█████ █████ is then escorted out of the room)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: It is confirmed that █████ █████ has arrived in the amnestic chamber. As a result of the interview, it is speculated that extended use of SCP-3363 causes increased obsession with itself in the user the longer the cumulative duration of their use.