Akmal Nabil's SCP-4921

A picture of SCP-4921 captured by one of the investigators.

Item #: SCP-4921

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4921 is to be kept in a basic containment chamber located in Site-22. SCP-4921 and its containment chamber should be cleaned at least once daily. Permissions for experiments must be granted by personnel who are Level 3 or higher. A motion sensor system is to be put inside the right cabinet of SCP-4921 to help alert the site about the availability of testing procedures. Possession of a silver copy of a key to open the right cabinet of SCP-4921 is a must to all personnel above Level 2 working at Site-22.

Description: SCP-4921 is an acacia wardrobe measuring 1.7 m x 1.6 m x 0.3 m. SCP-4921 has 5 cabinets, 3 large ones and 2 small ones, located at the middle bottom part of it. SCP-4905 is capable of storing items in its left cabinet and middle cabinets like a normal wardrobe.

SCP-4921's anomalous properties can only be described by Prof. Grodbort as he is the only personnel in the foundation capable of doing so. It is completely unknown as to why this is. Subjects attempting to describe SCP-4921's anomalous properties experience severe stuttering and a mild headache. Despite this, gaining knowledge of SCP-4921's anomalous properties is possible, either through written documents or Prof. Grodbort's verbal descriptions. The following quote box is of Prof. Grodbort verbally describing SCP-4921's anomalous properties.

"Behind the right cabinet of SCP-4921 is a portal of some sort that appears and disappears at completely random intervals for exactly 30 minutes every time. In the portal, there is a dimension. Once you go through that portal, there's little to no chance of going back. According to some identity searching that A█████ and I have done on the anomalies in the world after certain events that happened during our testing with D-█████, those anomalies are real deceased people from our world who are completely forgotten by all of humanity from this world. Anyone who isn't currently in the dimension are either still alive in our world or dead but still remembered. The dimension is habitable by people from our world but interactions with its inhabitants aren't possible." -Prof. Grodbort

SCP-4921 was discovered in [REDACTED], Britain, in an apartment complex of an adolescent male when his spouse lodged a missing person report to law enforcement on [REDACTED], 2000. Investigators searched the apartment for traces of the missing man which led to the right cabinet of SCP-4921. On the next day, the NCA informed one of the Foundation Personnel of the incident. The origins of SCP-4922's are completely unknown as of now.


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