Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: Foundation personnel are to monitor the web, forums related to lucid dreaming or OOBE1 in particular, for mentions of SCP-XXXX and suppress social knowledge about them.

Six individuals trained in hand-to-hand combat with the ability to deliberately enter an OOBE and lucid dreaming states should be present in every Foundation facility in which the presence of SCP-XXXX instances are confirmed. Aforementioned personnel should always stay in their respective facility and leave its territory only in the most extreme cases. Once in four days "DREAMLAND" procedure should be initiated in order to prevent SCP-XXXX instances from spreading.

After initiation of the "DREAMLAND" procedure, all or most members of aforementioned group should enter OOBE state nearly simultaneously2 and start patroling the facility in one coherent direction, looking for signs of SCP-XXXX instances. Encountered SCP-XXXX instances are to be confronted and driven into special containment chamber for further observation and experimentation, if possible. If there is no possibility to bring instances to the chamber, they must be terminated.

Any cases of non-standard behaviour from SCP-XXXX instances, as well as information about particular Foundation personnel affected by them should be reported to the responsible employee with fourth level of clearance. Affected individuals are to be medically inspected on a regular basis.

Foundation facilities not yet confirmed to be affected by SCP-XXXX instances should be monitored monthly. If personnel begin to show symptoms associated with SCP-XXXX's influence, the respective facility should be inspected immediately.

Containment strategy for SCP-XXXX instances outside Foundation facilities is under development.

Description: SCP-XXXX are parasitical species whose appearance is similar to Latrodectus mactans3, the main difference being having serrated proboscis similar to those of mosquitos and unknown sticky substance at the tips of their legs the source of which has not yet been found. Size of SCP-XXXX varies in between 20 centimeters and 1,5 meters. It is speculated that the SCP-XXXX's growth is directly proportional to nutritional intake.

SCP-XXXX instances are entirely invisible to the naked eye. It is also impossible to detect them via thermal imagers or any other devices known to Foundation. It is confirmed that SCP-XXXX instances can only be seen and interacted with by a person experiencing an OOBE state. Due to this characteristic little is known about their true nature, but it is known that SCP-XXXX instances are harmful for the human beings.

When an SCP-XXXX instance is in need of nutrition, it will start searching for the closest subject, preferring individuals in a state of immobility (sleeping subjects are considered to be most vulnerable). After locating the appropriate individual, the SCP-XXXX instance will climb on the subject and secure its position by secreting an unknown sticky substance, making it almost impossible to separate it from its host. SCP-XXXX instances usually prefer human body parts with less amount of muscle tissue, the neck being the most favorable area. After attaching itself to the subject, SCP-XXXX instance pierces subject's skin with a serrated proboscis and starts to feed on him. This process happens and goes on without subject's knowledge. SCP-XXXX instance typically feeds on one subject for more than a month, rapidly growing while doing so. It is also possible for one individual to be host of multiple SCP-XXXX instances simultaneously.

After growing to approximately 1 meter, SCP-XXXX instance will dettach itself from its host and start searching for the place with as little amount of people as possible with the purpose of laying eggs. One instance is able to lay more than twenty eggs at a time, every egg hatches in five-seven days, causing new instances to appear. In all observed occurrences, SCP-XXXX instance died after laying its eggs, the reason of this is currently unknown.

It is yet unknown what exactly are SCP-XXXX instances eating, subject's medical state doesn't change in any way after he becomes host to SCP-XXXX. That said, there will be significant changes in subject's psychological state with no apparent reason. That may include:

  • Constant lack of energy, unwillingnes to perform unpleasant or complicated tasks
  • Nervous behaviour, anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • State, described by most subjects as "melancholy"
  • Predominance of pessimistic point of view

In some cases, SCP-XXXX's long-term feeding causes subject to enter the state similar to depression or experience a mental breakdown. It is confirmed that SCP-XXXX's influence caused approximately ██ suicides across multiple Foundation facilities.

While SCP-XXXX instances are invisible and presumably invulnerable to any kind of damage in the objective reality, individuals in the state of OOBE are capable of harming and killing them via physical interaction. It is confirmed that instances are able to sense subjects able to see them and will show aggression towards them. SCP-XXXX instances are able to move with the speed of 1m/sec, but don't possess any anomalous means of defense and can be easily terminated if caught off guard.4 While young SCP-XXXX instances can be killed by one single person, bigger ones usually require combined effort. It is worth noting that even though multiple subjects in the state of OOBE can't possibly communicate with each other, damage inflicted upon SCP-XXXX instance by one of them will be visible to the entire group. It is also possible to use various surrounding objects against them, although those actions will not have any consequences in the objective reality.

The amount of people outside Foundation facilities, affected by SCP-XXXX instances, is currently unknown. Research is ongoing.