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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Primary containment for SCP-4000 consists of webcrawlers monitoring for any online mentioning of SCP-4000. When a mention of SCP-4000 is found, all information regarding SCP-4000 is removed and the individual responsible is found, interviewed for information, and administered class A amnestics. Secondary containment for SCP-4000 consists of locating SCP-4000 as well as discovering a method to stop transportation to SCP-4000.

Description: SCP-4000 is the current designation of an organization based on a land mass in a currently unknown location operating under the name "The People of History." Travel to SCP-4000 is only accomplished by spontaneous relocation. Recording equipment will malfunction while operating in SCP-4000, rendering it impossible to observe SCP-4000 through pictures and videos, as well as communicate to individuals inside of SCP-4000. Using a GPS to locate someone in SCP-4000 will invariably fail.

SCP-4000-1 are humanoids that appear physically identical to various deceased humans. SCP-4000-1 occupy multiple decorated sections of land surrounded by an electrically powered fence and a plaque stating the name of SCP-4000-1 and a statement declaring an accomplishment achieved by the individual impersonated by SCP-4000-1. It is currently unclear how known an individual must be for SCP-4000 to mimic them. Plaques regarding SCP-4000-1 will occasionally have incorrect statements. (See Addendum 4000-1). SCP-4000-1 are commonly reported as being in a state of distress.

SCP-4000-2 are reported as being featureless grey humanoids that posses a monotone voice. SCP-4000-2 will tend to SCP-4000-1 via routine feeding and cleaning. A single SCP-4000-2 instance will often stand next to a plaque regarding a SCP-4000-1 instance and will be capable explaining any detail regarding the individual that SCP-4000-1 appears as.

Addendum 4000-1: List of SCP-4000-1

Name of impersonated individual Accomplishment
George Washington. First president of the United states of America.
Robert Walpole. First Prime Minister of Great Britain.
Gavrilo Princip. Responsible for the death of Franz Ferdinand.
Barack Obama. First African-American president of the United States of America.
John Adams. Second president of the United states of America.
Aaron Burr. Third president of the United states of America.
Shirley Chisholm. First African-American president of the United States of America.
Margot Thatcher. First female Prime minister of Great Britain.
Robbie Elins. Won a local ping pong tournament in ████, ██████.
Angela Melia. holds the record for most received handshakes within a day. (226)
███████ █████ Founded an organization dedicated to the containment of anomalous phenomena.

Addendum 4000-2: Interview with SCP-4000-2

Interviewed: SCP-4000-2

Interviewer: Agent █████

Foreword: Following was written on paper during the interview.

<Begin Log>
SCP-4000-2: Welcome, to "The People of History"

Agent █████: Hello, I'm Agent █████, I'd like to ask some questions.

SCP-4000-2: Yes, I am here to answer all your Aaron Burr questions.

Agent █████: Okay, what's the deal with the people here?

SCP-4000-2: Please explain question.

Agent █████: Why are they all dead?

SCP-4000-2: Ah, when our creator made us, he discovered that showing animals and living people received unfavorable reviews, so he decided to use people already gone. Besides, someone who changed the world is more interesting than a lion.

Agent █████: Anything else?

SCP-4000-2: I am here to answer all your Aaron Burr questions.

Agent █████: Alright, what's the deal with his sign? He was never the president.

SCP-4000-2: Our founder believed it was best to expand our target audience.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Further interrogation revealed no information.

Addendum 4000-3

On ██/██/07, Agent Morris was spontaneously teleported to SCP-4000. After returning Morris was interviewed and reported an empty fenced in area with the appearance of SCP-███'s containment cell, including blood and fecal matter. In the center of the area is a single █████ brand computer. The Plaque on the fence displays "Reserved area. Occupant arriving at an unknown date."