Alex Verhola 2

Tachyonic Antitelephone
Deadly Chess



Report 7F87C0-XXXX-██ from Dr. Pule:

Recently we have reported abnormal behavior from SCP-XXXX, specifically permanent memory corruption in the personnel that worked with it. I'm not going to say it lightly, but everyone in here is going crazy.
Yesterday I saw Dr. Grim struggling to remember what SCP-XXXX is, even forgetting his own name, and attacking personnel around him for "killing his daughter" who died ██ years ago. My only hope is that I'm not affected by this phenomena.

Report 8EB689-XXXX-██ from Dr. Pule:

This is getting ridiculous, 90% of all people here forgot their names, passwords and what they were doing here. We had ██ accidents today. The personnel are attracted to SCP-XXXX and if they get into the chamber, they jump into it, screaming "███████". I request that all of the personnel here be tested for any mental issues.


SCiDe_NT audio log:

Well, heh, hello.

(quiet) Why am I even doing this, no one will come for us.


Well, at least I'm not alone here. Nick, do you want to record something?


Heh, guess you don't.


My only hope now, is that you are not as ignorant as everyone says.

Its been almost a year since Nick appeared here.

Its hard to keep track of time here.

At least we can entertain ourselves, when you throw things into it, they appear here.


I do not know what this thing is.

I do now want to know.


The last thing I remember is jumping into that darn thing and then appearing here.

I am tired of sitting here and doing nothing.

It's obvious now that we won't starve to death, I think the only way to get out of he-

Nick! What are you doing!?

No! Stop! Don't do it! DON'T DO-


Ну что ж, пока старый друг. (Well then, goodbye, old friend.)

Осталось всего лишь малое. (There's only one small thing left to do.)


(The next 8 minutes are silent, then D-2C0CB's phone automatically goes into sleep mode).

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