Image, 2d projection of theta prime structure. Scp redacted containment modes around the outside. Photoshopped E8

Specal containment procedures: This document is to be protected by counterawareness agents, making it impossible to perceive unless under the influence of

Description: Scp is a [theta prime] meme complex. It is the only known stable [theta prime] meme complex and therefore through memetic selection has saturated that order of the noosphere. Due to its theta prime dimensions it has a severely negative effect on human information processing systems. Scp slowly infiltrates memetic systems and once fully infiltrated causes destruction of that memespace due to the [Theta prime] components. Scp infiltrates by many repeated observations. This means the more it is observed by humans the closer it comes to destroying everything our civilization knows and understands. Reading this document inches this process forward by a small amount. Due to the increase in memetics sciences this event was was projected for [date]. Hence containment procedures.

Addendum: Protection was created by extruding agreesive nodes in the complex to the surface level meaning scp will be destructive without full integration into a memespace. This renders the observation of scp lethal, this also causes lethality to those memetically linked to an individual. Protection was designed so that this document bypasses it. Also note that informational isolation prevents protection from being effective due to horizons made in informational isolation.

Following the creation of the lethal shell exposure is projected to be reduced to negligible by 2020.

Note from former counterconceptual chief: The choice to create protection was a difficult one. It would have and did cause the end of memetic science in the normal world. But the olobique civilization had lots of understanding in memetics and scp wiped them out. I feel this is a good compromise even if it causes a few deaths.

If you are able to read this document then you have the awareness shielding needed to notice there is another counter conceptual division named the antimemetics division. They seem to have the same goals as us but are one step behind. They exist because of the protection lead to the splitting of oink leading to two divisions that knew nothing of each other. One of the side effects of protection

The antimemetics division have discovered both scp and protection and have put them both under the name scp 3125. The exact knowledge of the antimemetics division on scp is unknown since it is kept in informational isolation. Despite the antimemetics division not being able to safely view scp from this document they have survived the protection much better than the counter conceptual division and are trying to destroy scp.