Item #: SCP-4852 (Number could change due to what's available)

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4852 is to be contained within a 17 cm by 17 cm by 17 cm opaque plastic container in a secure room by itself. There must be 24 hour security surveillance, and any personnel caught attempting to remove SCP-4852 from it's container are to be detained and, if resistance towards security is met, terminated.

Description: SCP-4852 is a small, hollow moon replica, 15 cm in diameter, made out of polylactic acid, with ridges and crevasses along it's surface following where the impact sites and hills appear on its real life counterpart. SCP-4852 has no maker's mark, and attempts to break it open to find such have been thus far unsuccessful. When left untouched at night, it will glow bright enough to illuminate a small room, though no power source has been found.

When a human subject views SCP-4852, they experience a strong urge to approach and pick it up. While some may be able to resist physically approaching SCP-4852, subjects who have resisted have complained about feeling as though they have an itch under their skin which they can't relieve. When SCP-4852 is picked up, the subject immediately commences to speak against their will. Subjects have tried placing SCP-4852 back into its container to stop speaking, but loss of physical touch does not allow subjects to stop speaking, nor does attempting to eat or drink anything. The subject will continue to speak until they die from asphyxiation, approximately 5-7 minutes after having picked up SCP-4852. No one has as of writing been able to be revived. Medical examinations of the bodies after the subjects have asphyxiated shows the lungs had collapsed in on themselves due to the constant pressure to speak until physically incapable.

The topic which the subject is forced to speak about varies slightly, but the general topic of highly sensitive government or Foundation information appears to be a constant between all tests. During one particularly stressful experiment, in which two subjects, D-98773 and D-64805, were told to hold SCP-4852 at the same time after being exposed to extreme sleep deprivation, both subjects began to speak about Dr. ████'s personal life in extreme detail, along with all information regarding most SCPs at site-██. Both subjects died faster than previously recorded tests, and all information caught during the test has been since removed from record.