Alice May
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Item #: SCP-4602 "The Creationist"

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP 4602 is to be kept inside a standard humanoid SCP containment chamber. Provided with a therapy animal. It is to be given a sixty milligram dose of Prozac with it's evening meal.

SCP 4602 may attempt to injure itself with cutlery left from meal times. If it begins showing this behavior a designated psychologist will go in and calm it down.

If SCP 4602 comes into contact with a violent subject it is to be treated for injuries and given class A amnestics to ensure it remains cooperative.

SCP 4602 can be quite playful when near another child or an animal of any kind. Only showing fear and hesitation when an adult enters the area it is contained in. It is slowly improving upon this however.

Addendum .4975
Despite the young age of SCP 4602 it shows extreme depressive habits and actions when kept isolated for too long. To facilitate cooperation with staff it is to be interacted with for one hour a day and left with a therapy animal when not in testing.

Addendum .4975-B
SCP 4602 has become more cooperative in testing and interviews. Depressive habits have decreased considerably. Therapy animal and interaction will be continued.

Appendum .4975-C
SCP 4602 has been granted more time with human interaction. It has slowly become more sociable and less timid.

SCP 4602 appears to be a female human with many scars on it's body. It is unknown how most scars came to happen.

SCP 4602 has shown the ability to create sentient dogs out of metal. Often they appear to be the golden retriever or St.Bernard breeds.

SCP 4602 was found at [DATA EXPUNGED] on [REDACTED]. It was found unconscious in a pile of blankets half frozen. SCP 4602 stayed with a female member of the task force until being properly contained. It shows signs of fear when seeing a cigarette or any kind of glass bottle.

Mobile Task Force [REDACTED] brought SCP 4602 back peacefully. A female member of the task force held SCP 4602 in her arms and kept it within a calm state of mind until containment.
SCP 4602 was four years of age when captured by foundation

Audio Logs

SCP 4602

Dr. Thomas Smith

An interview on SCP 4602 to test reactions and hostility.

<Begin Log, 18:00>

Dr.Smith "Hello SCP 4602"

SCP 4602: "I'm not 4602… my name is Amber. Stop calling me 4602!"

Dr.Smith "Okay Amber, no need to become hostile. My name is Dr.Smith, I am here to see how you are adjusting to containment."

SCP 4602"I hate it… I want to go home. I don't care if my Mommy and Daddy are dead! I hate being locked in a tiny room all day! I haven't hurt any of you yet I'm still treated like I'm a monster!"
Dr.Smith "Behave Amber or I will have security put you back into containment."
SCP 4602 becomes silent
Dr.Smith "You aren't a monster. Just a child with bad luck. Now, can you speak on your past Amber?"
SCP 4602 "I don't remember much about my family. My mommy was addicted to drugs… Daddy drunk a lot… they kept me inside the house.. only had my puppy… she disappeared one day…"
Dr.Smith "Is that why you make metal dogs?"
SCP 4602 "I… don't know how they are made… only see them when I'm scared or crying…"
Dr.Smith takes out a cigarette and lights it
SCP 4602 "W-what are you doing? Why do you have that!?"
SCP 4602's tone is panicked
Dr.Smith "You really are afraid of something so small and harmless Amber?"
The sound of a chair falling over is easily heard, small footsteps running then an impact.
Dr.Smith "Amber, I'll put the cigarette out, can you calm down?"
SCP 4602 "I will! Please just put it out!"
The cigarette is put out
Dr.Smith "Alright Amber, I am sorry about that. Can you come back and sit down?"
SCP 4602 slowly comes back, the chair being set upright again
Dr.Smith "Are you able to continue?"
4602 "No… I just want to go home…"
Dr.Smith "Security, take her back to the CC and make sure she gets a good nights rest."
SCP 4602 is taken out of the room.
<End Log, 18:27>

Closing Statement: SCP 4602 became fearful upon seeing the cigarette. After the interview it was fed and put back into containment with sedatives in it's system. No further incidents recorded as of [REDACTED]. It was four years of age when this was recorded.

Video Log #1

SCP 4602
Dr. Bogdan
Likes/Dislikes and fears.
<Begin video log, 12:37>
SCP 4602 is brought into the room in cuffs and secured to a chair by two security personnel
Dr.Bogdan "Hello 4602"
SCP 4602 appears agitated. "My name is Amber! I already said this…"
Dr.Bogdan "Alright Amber, would you like some water?"
SCP 4602 "Will it have medicine in it…?"
Dr.Bogdan "No. It's just water"
SCP 4602 "Yes please…"
Dr.Bogdan sets a small bottle of water on the table it is moved to them by one of the security officers

SCP 4602 tries to reach up to get the water but the handcuffs restrict it's arms movement. "May… I please have them off…?"
Dr.Bogdan "Do you promise to stay in the seat and be compliant?"
SCP 4602 nods softly "I promise"
Dr.Bogdan "Alright. I will allow it."
Dr.Bogdan waves a guard over to remove the handcuffs
SCP 4602 "Thank you mister"
Dr.Bogdan "My name is Dr.Bogdan. I am here to ask you a few questions. Is that alright?"
SCP 4602 "Yes"
Dr.Bogdan "Alright, question one. How have you felt your time here has been?"
SCP 4602 "I don't like when grown ups enter my room… it's scary…"
Dr.Bogdan "May I ask why you feel that way?"
SCP 4602 looks at the table and begins shaking
Dr.Bogdan "It is okay Amber. You do not need to be afraid. I am here to help you"

SCP 4602 is showing signs of fear "Mama… and Papa… always hurt me… when.. they came in my room…"
Dr.Bogdan "I understand. What do you like about the foundation Amber?"
SCP 4602 "I like the puppy you let me have… He's cute"
Dr.Bogdan "Indeed. If we could do anything to make your time here better, what would that be?"
SCP 4602 "Not being in the small room all the time…"
Dr.Bogdan "Claustrophobic?"
SCP 4602 tilts their head "What does that mean doctor?"
Dr.Bogdan "Does not like small spaces and cramped areas."
SCP 4602 "Yes…"
Dr.Bogdan "Can you tell me more about your life before the foundation please?"
SCP 4602 looks down "Mama and Papa died in a car crash… I ran away… it was really cold and I was hungry when some people in weird clothes came and gave me food… The lady was nice… I was safe near her…"
Dr.Bogdan "I see. What do you like to do in your free time?"
SCP 4602 "I wish I had toys… but, I play with the puppy!"
Dr.Bogdan "What did your paarents do upon coming into your room?"
SCP 4602 stops moving for a moment than begins crying.
Dr.Bogdan "It's okay Amber. Just relax and talk to me. I am trying to help us understand you."
SCP 4602 "T-they hit me… Papa would throw his bottles at me… Mama burned me with her smokes…"
Dr.Bogdan "I am sorry. When did the crash that killed your parents happen?"
SCP 4602 "Dunno… think… I was three…"
Dr.Bogdan is writing everything said down "What did you do when the crash happened?"
SCP 4602 "I was at home… when… men in suits… knocked on the door… I ran away…"
Dr.Bogdan "Alright, moving on. What is your biggest fear?"
SCP 4602 "Grown ups…"
Dr.Bogdan "Are you scared of me?"
SCP 4602 shakes it's head "No… only when they come into my room"
Dr.Bogdan "Alright. What was something that helped you relax before the foundation?"
SCP 4602 "My puppy"
Dr.Bogdan "Good, animals help. Have you met anyone down here you would consider a friend?"
SCP 4602 "No… i never get to see other kids… only time I did, she left… never got to see her again…"
Dr.Bogdan "Who was that?"
SCP 4602 "Her name was Sarah… she was put into a normal family… that's… what I was told…"
Dr.Bogdan "Tell me a bit about yourself Amber, your favorites and things you enjoy?"
SCP 4602 "I like the colour blue… it's pretty… wish… I could see the sky again… it was always a really pretty blue…"
Dr.Bogdan "What do you like to eat and drink?"

SCP 4602 "I like macaroni… apple juice is really good too"
Dr.Bogdan "Good… That's good. Would you like to tell me anything or get something off your chest?"
SCP 4602 stands and hugs Dr.Bogdan
The security in the room move to pull it off him but, he waves them off "Are you okay Amber?"
SCP 4602 shakes it's head, beginnng to cry into Dr.Bogdan's shirt "It's lonely… I only see others when I get hurt… or get food…"

Dr.Bogdan "We might be able to change that. Just stay on good behaviour."
SCP 4602 is still holding on to Dr.Bogdan. "I… just… want someone to care about me… it hurts… being alone…"
Dr.Bogdan "I can understand that Amber, let us finish up this interview. Then we will see about getting you more time with people"
SCP 4602 "O-okay…"
Dr.Bogdan "Do you have anyone beside the pup that you cared about before the foundation?"
SCP 4602 "No… Mama and Papa kept me alone…"
Dr.Bogdan "Do you know why they did these things to you?"
SCP 4602 "No…"
Dr.Bogdan "Do you know why you are here?"
SCP 4602 "Because I'm a monster…"
Dr.Bogdan "Why do you say that?"
SCP 4602 "Everyone is scared of me…"
Dr.Bogdan "They are scared because they do not understand. I am trying to help them and you."
SCP 4602 has remained holding on to Dr.Bodgan, showing signs of drowsiness "Why don't they… understand… me?"
Dr.Bodgan "Because you can do special things. That does not make you a monster. What decides if you are a monster or not is how you use those special things."
SCP 4602 "Okay…"
Dr.Bogdan "Do you want to say anything before ending this interview?"
SCP 4602 looks down then back at Dr.Bogdan. It still has not released "Could… I stay like this for a while…?"
Dr.Bogdan sets down his clipboard and gently holds SCP 4602. "For a little while yes"
SCP 4602 calms, seeming to fall asleep
Dr.Bogdan "Put it back into containment. Ensure the therapy animal is inside the CC."
A security officer picks up SCP 4602 and exits the room.
<End log: 1:49>

Closing notes
SCP 4602 opened up to this researcher quite effectively. Continued interviews approved.

SCP 4602 is normally quite safe. Only showing anger and hostility when hurt or threatened. It is mentally damaged and fearful of being hurt. With time this may be fixed.
When alone SCP 4602 often will play with the provided therapy animal. It acts like a normal child when not being interacted with by an adult.